Culture Nights

Organizing a Culture Night? Please follow these steps to plan a successful event!


At least 4 weeks prior to event
  • Pull together team to organize the event and divide up the labor. Suggested subgroups include:
    • Lead organizers (oversee budget/expenditures, attend meetings with Student Affairs, and coordinate logistics with subgroups).
    • Food & drink: outside caterer(s) for the food, Tufts Catering for the bar, arranging for disposable ware if needed, Social Hour arrangements.
    • A/V (lights and sound): Contact Brad Macomber in Ginn or Tufts IT (
    • Advertising & sales: plan advertising strategy using email listservs, flyers, etc.; schedule ticket sellers for Hall of Flags.
    • Performance coordination: liaise with and recruit performers, arrange rehearsal time, and set program order.
    • Decorations: Note, you cannot hang anything from walls.
  • Submit food vendor info (restaurant name/contact info and catering invoice) to Andrea for alcohol license.
  • Submit draft budget to Andrea. The numbers will likely change, but budget conservatively to ensure the event breaks even. Each group will receive $500 from Student Council.
2 weeks prior to event
  • When performance lineup is set, contact Ginn Library (Brad Macomber) or Tufts IT to reserve A/V equipment. Hire staff to work equipment during event or designate a student.
  • Ticket sales should start two weeks leading up to the event. There are only 200 chairs in 51 Winthrop, but you can sell up to ~240 tickets. Most groups sell tickets in the Hall of Flags.
  • Both Katie Mulroy and Jim Rollins keep cash boxes in their offices (Katie: Cabot 403B; Jim Cabot 405B). It should be picked up from and returned to Jim each day.  There is no cash in the cash box to start with so it would be wise to provide some starter $1 bills to make change.
1 week prior to the event
  • After calculating the final food budget given the number of tickets sold, place the final order for the food.
    • Confirm the order with the appropriate restaurant and let them know that we are tax exempt. Please also ask the caterer to provide serving utensils, plates, napkins, and utensils when they deliver the food.
    • After you have placed the final order, let Andrea know the caterer and phone number to call; she will provide her credit card information.
    • Be sure to save the receipt as this must be handed into Andrea directly after the event.
  • Recruit 2 student volunteers to check in students at the door.
Day of event
  • The dress rehearsal usually takes place a few hours before the event. When you arrive at 51 Winthrop, please call the Tufts Police non-emergency number (617-627-3030) for them to unlock the building.
  • Folding chairs will be set-up lecture style with aisles in the middle and at the sides for people to move around the room.
  • IMPORTANT: Decorations cannot be hung from walls. Tape cannot be used on walls for any reason. If your group violates this, we risk losing access to 51 Winthrop. If the Office of Student Affairs sees anyone violating this rule, the group will not be allowed to have their culture night the following year. Additionally, the student organizers will not be able to attend any future culture nights.
  • Everyone must clear out of the space after set-up before the event can begin. The two students checking in attendees will begin after this occurs.