Social Hours

Official student clubs can individually host one Social Hour during the academic year in order to promote or celebrate a certain event or the club itself. The following steps should be taken if a club is interested in hosting a Social Hour: 
  1. Secure a date with Student Affairs at the beginning of the year. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your set date from Student Affairs.

  3. Look out for an email from Student Affairs 1-2 weeks prior to your Social Hour date with detailed information regarding hosting.

  5. You will only need to provide food for approximately 150 people with the awarded Social Hour funds. If multiple student groups are organizing the social hour, they will need to coordinate on food orders as they will not receive double the allotted social hour funds. Please note when ordering and making payment, that Student Affairs is unable to reimburse sales tax but can provide you with the tax exemption information upon request for your time of purchase.

  7. Student Affairs will arrange facilities set-up, beverages (cash bar or coffee/tea), police detail if necessary, and will also provide plates, utensils, and napkins.

  9. Don’t forget to send out an email invite to the Events Listserv reminding the community when the Social Hour is happening!