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Africana Club

Africana Club is both a social and an academic club committed to promoting and furthering understanding of topics and issues relevant to Africa and African culture.

Hiba Tazi

Sarah Carson

Abisola Owoyemi


Ambassachords is Fletcher’s premier co-ed a capella group, celebrating cultures across the globe and in many languages while promoting global harmony since 1933. We sing at Fletcher events throughout the year. Can you carry a tune? Come join us! Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and rehearsal is held once per week.

Jiong Zhou

Juliette Devillard

ASEAN Society

The ASEAN Society serves to spread awareness about the Southeast Asia to The Fletcher School and the broader local community through speakers, discussions, simulations, debates, career talks, student and professor presentations as well as cultural events. It aims to fill the gap between the growing importance of and increased interest in Southeast Asia at Fletcher and the lack of a coherent hub to exchange information, ideas and experiences about the region. Come join the ASEAN Society today!

Akshobh Giridharadas

Bawkhtawar Ali

Jeremy Danz

Dan O’Connor

Asia Club

Fletcher Asia Club was established in 2004 as a means for students interested in all aspects of Asia to share experiences and knowledge with some fun thrown in. The group seeks to build a diverse network of Asia-oriented scholars and professionals through lectures, discussion tables as well as introducing Asian culture through movie nights, food fiestas, and language tables. We also promote the collaboration with other Asia-related student organizations from around the Boston area. Come and join the Asia Club!

Blakeley Chats

The Blakeley Chats provide a forum for Fletcher students to share their knowledge and experiences with their classmates in an informal setting. By coming together to hear presentations about their colleagues’ travels, professional expertise, and personal experiences, students can more fully appreciate the extraordinary diversity of the Fletcher community, and understand what each of their classmates has to offer.

Alex Maltun

Culinary Diplomacy Club

Culinary Diplomacy Club hosts a variety of events and speakers throughout the year that focus on founding member Sam Chapple-Sokol’s vision of “using food in cuisine as an instrument to create cross-cultural understanding, in the hopes of improving interactions and cooperation” or “using food to get along with people, to talk to people, and get to know them better.” Fletcher Feasts are a series of dinner events intended to bring together members of the Fletcher community who may not yet have had the chance to meet over a home-cooked meal.

Ana Orians

China Language and Culture Club

The China Language and Culture Club seeks to provide students with exposure to Chinese language, food and culture. We will hold language exchanges throughout the year as well as group activities surrounding meals, cinema, fine arts and dance. Additionally, we will also hold a variety of academic events that highlight China’s unique position in the world exploring themes of foreign policy, trade and economy, as well as energy and environmental issues. We encourage anyone interested to participate in club activities.

Maria Elena Juarez

Ningyi Sun

Austin Shiner

Design Thinking At Fletcher

Description coming soon.

Aesclinn Donohue

Tamkeen Rasool

Alex Tenney

Farah Momen

The Diplomats Ball

The Fletcher Diplomats’ Ball is an annual black tie gala celebrating the Fletcher community and the end of the academic year. You can join your fellow Fletcher students, faculty, and staff for a night of dinner and dancing in a Boston venue that changes each year. The event includes dinner, dessert, refreshments, and a photo booth.

Mackenzie Muirhead

Caroline Hedberg

Educators in International Affairs

The Fletcher School’s Educators in International Affairs Society seeks Fletcher students who have backgrounds working in education or have an interest in international education. Former teachers represent a distinct portion of our student body who possess common skills, which are assets in their graduate studies and future careers. The organization will also seek to expand the discourse at Fletcher surrounding the challenges and opportunities in education around the world as it relates to diplomacy and international development.

Komal Thakkar

Rashi Rathi

European Affairs Society (Euro Club)

The European Affairs Society provides a forum for the Fletcher community to explore, discuss, debate and celebrate contemporary transatlantic issues. This club aims to develop an understanding of the European community at Fletcher through the organization of engaging activities such as the annual European Conference at Harvard, social gatherings with other schools in the greater Boston area, events with experts on European affairs, dinners, movie showings and book talks.

Diana Kelley

Mattia Balsiger

Caroline Armstrong Hall

Leo Mathers

Fletcher AV

Fletcher AV seeks to bring campus policy discourse to the audiovisual medium. Through developing capacity, collaborating on creative projects, and facilitating discussion on the effects of the audiovisual medium on policy-making and public opinion, Fletcher AV seeks to demystify a critical medium for public discourse in the 21st century.

Akshobh Giridharadas

Devang Shah

Fletcher Cares

FletcherCARES is a public service organization that provides opportunities for volunteerism to build a stronger, more efficient, and more sustainable community network within The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University. Our Mission is to promote a sense of community, well-being, and support through public service among the Fletcher community. Our goal is to build collaboration wherever possible with other Fletcher, Tufts, and civil society organizations and to promote public service careers.

Fletcher China Studies Society

The Fletcher China Studies Society seeks to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of China that encompasses, among other areas, politics, culture, economics, and identity. Our goal is to bring this community together in the sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as to create an environment for students new to these subjects to learn about Chinese society and the role China plays in the international arena.

Fletcher Christian Fellowship

The Fletcher Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian group that holds weekly meetings and provides a forum for all those interested in growing in their relationship with God. We welcome new members!

Annie Su

Luxi Liu

Nana Seo

Fletcher CliffNotes

Fletcher CliffsNotes is a lecture series that was formed to create learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Founded with the intent of offering a primer lesson on key themes in Fletcher courses and relevant current affairs issues, the Club invites guest speakers to cover the “101” basics of a topic, offer insights from his or her experience in the field, and take questions from the audience. The Club will present 4-6 events per semester and will invite student suggestions on topics and speakers. CliffsNotes are an American study guide series that provide a summary of a much longer work designed to allow a student to quickly learn the key points, so each Fletcher CliffsNotes event will provide students with the chance to gain foundational knowledge about issues that are critical to the Fletcher curriculum in a 1.5-hour session.

Yoriko Matsuda

Amy Rosenfield

Fletcher Climbs

Fletcher Climbs builds community, fitness, and fun by organizing trips to local rock climbing gyms and outdoor crags. We welcome all levels of skill and practice – no prior experience or equipment necessary.

Mariah Hays

Caleb Weaver

Fletcher Community Collective

The Fletcher Community Collective aims to provide safe, inclusive, and uplifting spaces to foster a more compassionate, understanding, and supportive community. The health of our community is tied to the holistic well-being of each its members. FCC seeks to affirm and acknowledge students‚ diverse lived experiences and realities by creating platforms to collectively learn, grow, and thrive. FCC is you.

Maria Teresa Nagel

Khadija Mohamud

Fletcher Consulting Group

Whether transforming a national economy, implementing digital solutions, or creating inclusive communities, today’s challenges require insights on a global scale. Our group strives to prepare students at The Fletcher School to showcase their interdisciplinary expertise for consulting careers in a variety of industries. We work to build our network with all management consulting organizations serving clients in private, public, and social sector institutions. Visit our website for more info.

Tim Simmons

Caroline Dorr

Chris Hayes

Richard Hill

Fletcher Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group

The Fletcher Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group seeks to broaden the scope of the CVE world at Fletcher by introducing key practitioners in the field to the Fletcher student community, sharing experiences of fellow Fletcher students who have worked in CVE, as well as increasing the discourse on CVE methodology and best practices.

Wendy Robinson

Bahjat Mansour

Fletcher Democrats

The Fletcher Democrats will work to create progressive change on campus and at the state, national, and international levels through advocacy, activism, and action. The club will host events on campus and encourage all students to fulfill their civic duty by participating in community service activities, participating in social movements, and offering opportunities to engage with electoral politics through speakers and field activities. Fletcher Democrats will create a space for discussion and opportunities for activism for students who want to promote and support the formation of progressive foreign and domestic policies in the United States, at the UN, and around the world.

Amy Rosenfield

Quinn Rask

Fletcher Diplomacy Club

The Fletcher Diplomacy Club seeks to raise the profile of diplomacy on campus and serve as a focal point for students from all nationalities interested in diplomacy as a career, both within the civil and foreign services.

Amy Rosenfield

Mariam Aghayan

 Maria Ory

Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC)

Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC) – Informs students about environmental and energy issues and events on a local and international level. FLEEC acts as a network and resource for current Fletcher students and alumni to get involved in environmental issues. FLEEC hosts speakers, field trips, career networking events, and acts as an informational platform.

Amanda Formica

Danny Tobin

Grace Tamble

Iain Addleton

Fletcher Eurasia Club

To promote a cultural, historical, political, and economic understanding of the countries of the former Soviet Union. By bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and meeting with experts and practitioners from Russia and Eurasia, the club aims to create lasting connections among individuals, communities, and the region as a whole.  Visit our website for more info.

Ella Askerova

Markian Kuzmowycz

Ryan Rogers

Fletcher Fermentation Club

Fletcher Fermentation Club explores how fermented products know neither time nor borders and have been enjoyed/relied upon by many cultures throughout history. We seek to create a knowledge-sharing community at Fletcher that teaches and learns about the multifaceted wonders of fermentation. We will explore many of the possibilities of fermentation, including beer, wine, cider, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, cheese, kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh. Previous experience/knowledge not required!

Steffi Rosskopf

Dylan Farley

Fletcher Finance Club

The Fletcher Finance Club’s mission is to be a platform of learning in the areas of finance and related public policy by offering extracurricular skills and knowledge building initiatives; and to provide a complementary channel through which members may successfully pursue a professional career in the broad financial services & banking industry.

Shrinal Sheth

JP Craven

Rob Fitzgerald

Jiong Zhou

Fletcher Forum

Founded in 1975 and published biannually, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs is the student-managed foreign policy journal. The publication provides a broad, interdisciplinary platform for analysis of legal, political, economic, environmental, and diplomatic issues in international affairs.

Elissa Miller

Latifah Azlan

Bowen Peard

Matthew Weinmann

Courtney Hulse

Fletcher Food Policy Club

The Fletcher Food Policy Club hosts a variety of events and speakers throughout the year that focus on founding member Sam Chapple-Sokol’s vision of “using food in cuisine as an instrument to create cross-cultural understanding, in the hopes of improving interactions and cooperation” or “using food to get along with people, to talk to people, and get to know them better.”

Ana Orians

Kendall Lawrence

Bethany Tietjen

Ella Duncan

Fletcher Futbol

Fletcher Futbol is the Fletcher School’s foremost Sports Diplomacy practitioners club. We believe in using the world’s most common language—soccer—to connect students from around the world through a common love of the beautiful game. Fletcher Futbol is a co-ed all-inclusive club, which plays competitively against other graduate schools in the Boston area. Fletcher Futbol is a cultural, professional, and athletic cornerstone of the Fletcher community. Joga bonito.

Iain Addleton

Claire McGillem

Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society

The Humanitarian Action Society (HAS) provides a network and forum for students interested in humanitarian affairs where students can exchange their diverse experiences, perspectives and skills. HAS serves as a platform where students can begin to fill the gaps in their understanding of what it means to work in the humanitarian space and think critically about challenges in the field.

Sabina Robillard

Sasha Lansky

Michael Casey

Nanaho Yamanaka

Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law, & Diplomacy (Fletcher RLD)

The Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy aims to provide a framework for interdisciplinary study and practice of international affairs through the lens of religious literacy; create spaces to challenge assumptions and enhance understanding about the role of religion in the varied discourses at the Fletcher School; and develop these competencies through an annual fall conference and spring speaker series.

Sarah Davis

Madeleine Herr

Caroline Hedberg

Fletcher International Law Society

International Law Society (ILS) is a forum to exchange knowledge, experience and interest about both international and domestic law. We hope you to share your unique experience in your career.

Hiroki Sumida

Fletcher Islamic Society

Fletcher Islamic Society (FIS) aims to create a space to further the understanding of Islam in different social, cultural, political, and spiritual contexts. By hosting speakers, engaging in community service, and facilitating open dialogue, FIS hopes create an environment where Islam can be understood in all its complexity and diversity.

Latifah Azlan

Khadija Mohamud

The Fletcher Latin America Group (FLAG)

This student network is interested in the study and development of Latin America. We organize diverse academic and social activities such as conferences, visiting speakers from the region, networking opportunities, and social events.

Maria Elena Juarez

Britta Wilhelmsen

Pedro Cardenas Casillas

Fletcher Maritime Affairs Club

FMAC augments the Maritime Studies Program at Fletcher through field trips, speakers, and events with public and private entities. We explore the maritime domains through various perspectives: trade, security, energy, just to name a few.

Maria Katrina Ablen

Fletcher Net Impact

Fletcher Net Impact believes in using the power of business to make a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. We host events, speakers, networking opportunities, and field trips focused on sustainability, social responsibility, innovation and global shared value. Our parent organization, Net Impact, is a community of more than 30,000 changemakers who are using their jobs to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Net Impact members put business skills to work for good throughout every sector.

Mikayla Redding

Charlie Bentley

Fletcher Performing Arts Club

The Fletcher Performing Arts Club (PAC) is the gateway for Fletcher students, faculty, and alums to share their talents in music, dance, and theater with the greater Fletcher community. Most noted for our bi-annual winter and spring recitals, Fletcher PAC serves as a channel for students and staff to form ensembles, become connected to Boston’s performing arts scene, and to forge connections with other student groups at Fletcher. Even if your instrument hasn’t been touched in years, Fletcher PAC welcomes you with open arms! Our goal is to connect you with fellow arts enthusiasts here at Fletcher and to provide a venue for you to share your talents with others.

Misaki Nakagawa

Bryan Wells

Sophie Welsh

Fletcher Political Risk Group

The Fletcher Political Risk Group (FPRG) provides members of the Fletcher community with an interest in the analysis of political risk as it pertains to the fields of finance, insurance, energy, and consulting a formal organization for discussion and a platform to host leading scholars and practitioners in the field of political risk.

FPRG will present a unique perspective to the Fletcher community through analysis of and access to a broad and growing discipline that is influencing growth and investment in all sectors in emerging markets.

Zoltan Feher

Quinn Rask

Tom Humphries

Fletcher Running Club

The running club hopes to unite the Fletcher community around running and exercise. In the past, the running club has coordinated weekly running times for groups leaving Fletcher and organized a team to compete in Ragnar relay races.

Danny Tobin

Fletcher Science Diplomacy Club

The Fletcher Science Diplomacy club aims to raise awareness of the growing field of science diplomacy and highlight the role of science in informing sound policy-making (science in diplomacy), solving global challenges (diplomacy for science) and improving international relations (science for diplomacy). The club provides a forum for Fletcher students to explore issues at the intersection of science and international relations while establishing the Fletcher School as a leader in the field of science diplomacy. Visit our website for more info.

Sophie Welsh

Katie Reilly

Fletcher Security Review

The Fletcher Security Review is a print and online journal managed and edited entirely by Fletcher Students. At FSR, we aim to build on the school’s strong traditions of marrying theory with practice and fostering close interdisciplinary collaboration to act as an incubator for unique perspectives across a broad range of security issues. Visit our website for more info.

Kacie Yearout

Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG)

The Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) is a student-run organization dedicated to the study and practice of impact investing. FSIG’s vision is to empower the next generation of leaders in social investment to innovate and manage effective investment platforms that yield balanced social and financial returns. We connect Fletcher students with hands-on learning opportunities to provide advisory services to impact-focused enterprises and investors. Visit our website for more info.

Frances Aderhold

Katie Panella

Alice Ursini

Beatrice Montesi

Caroline Dorr

Fletcher Strategic Simulation Society

As the premiere organization for hanging out and playing board games, the Fletcher Strategic Simulation Society aims to cultivate a community around our shared love of board games of all forms and genres.

Victoria Edgar

Fletcher Students in Security (FSIS)

Fletcher Students in Security strives to address the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary issues that affect the international security field. Topics under consideration will range from human security, development, human rights, conflict resolution, negotiation, national security, environmental security, corporate risk, intelligence, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation (just to name a few). The objective of this group is to better enable the Fletcher student security community to tap into the world-wide security field. Our events will range from attracting visiting speakers to networking and job opportunities (academia, think tanks, the diplomatic corps, the intelligence community, the military, government, NGOs, international organizations, the media, and the private sector).

Nick Glavin

Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

Kacie Yearout

Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Building on the legacy of Ralph Bunche, Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA) provides a safe space for students to discuss issues of race, class, and culture; it serves as a platform to engage the Fletcher community in considering minority identities and experiences in their careers at Fletcher and beyond. FSCA focuses on 3 areas of engagement: experience, exposure, and expertise. FSCA seeks opportunities to partner with the Fletcher Alumni of Color Association (FACA) to strengthen its programming and community.

 Latifah Azlan

Khadija Mohamud

Fletcher Trade Group

Description coming soon.

Luis Ramirez

Divya Prabhakar

Vedabrata Basu

Maria Elena Juarez

Fletcher United Nations Club

The purpose of this organization shall be: to strengthen links between Fletcher students and the United Nations; to offer practical advice on securing job opportunities at the UN and to provide job networking opportunities, particularly with alumni; to develop relationships within the Fletcher community among students and faculty with an interest in, or work experience at, the UN, as well as with colleagues from the Harvard Kennedy School chapter of the UN Club; and to promote discussion and debate through relevant events.

Gauri Khanduja 

Manaved Nambiar

Alex Tenney

Fletcher Veterans

In keeping with the tradition of military members helping each other, the Veteran’s Group was created to assist military members transition from the service into graduate school: From obtaining the Post 9/11 GI Bill, to finding a place to live, to course recommendation. Please contact us at any time – from application through acceptance –  with any questions you might have about the transition from military to civilian life. VA Benefits Link

Jake Grader

Alan Cummings

Fletcher Women in Business

Our mission is to promote leadership development for Fletcher women interested in entering the private sector, as well as create a space for women at Fletcher to connect and empower one another.

Danielle Ebanks

Anya Jia

The Gender Initiative

The Gender Initiative seeks to improve the overall quality of the Fletcher experience by conducting research into elements of inequality and bias in our academic, social, and professional communities.

The Gender Initiative provides opportunities for motivated students to commit their skills in research, analysis, management, consulting, and facilitation to initiatives that seek to improve: 1) their shared experiences at Fletcher; and 2) the school itself as an institution grounded in the diversity of its students and their myriad professional and personal experiences and aims.

Kristen Mosher

Ambarin Sultana

Christina Klotz

Global Health Group

This group aims to ignite discussion of the holistic importance of health considerations in the development of sound public policy. Further, it seeks to provide a forum for the acquisition and sharing of information to members of the Fletcher community who wish to analyze issues of international importance through the lens of public health policy and/or complement their interpretation of international issues with supporting information related to global public health.

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Gardel

Cameron Hill

Global Women

The Global Women (GW) group seeks to mainstream gender issues and raise awareness regarding the critical role that women play in international affairs. By sponsoring speakers, student discussions, and working with campus leaders, GW gives a forum within the Fletcher community for dialog about gender. Among Global Women’s other initiatives are workshops that address leadership, communication, and networking skills, and a mentoring program with Tufts undergraduate students.

Gauri Khanduja

Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary

Human Rights Project

The Human Rights Project is a student organization devoted to strengthening human rights into international relations studies. The group has created an arena of discussion, social activities, research and analysis for human rights and related issues.

Sasha Lansky

Stephanie Williams

International Business Club

The mission of the International Business Club is to support club members’ exploration and job search into careers in international business, provide a platform for discussion of global business issues outside the classroom, expose members to business leaders from around the world, and promote Fletcher as a school educating future leaders in international business.

Frances Aderhold

Robert Fitzgerald

Mary Allen

International Development Group

The International Development Group (IDG) at Fletcher seeks to create a community of individuals committed to the growing field of economic development in developing countries. In addition to exploring current trends and debates in this field, IDG seeks to generate discussion on the academic, professional, and personal considerations that individuals working in international development encounter. Because of the broad nature of international development, events and activities will explore both public and private sector approaches to development in the fields including, but not limited to, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, program monitoring and design, global health, emerging markets, infrastructure and more.

Heesu Chung


Cameron Hill

International Migration Group

The International Migration Group (IMG) is a student organization that strives to generate greater awareness of migration issues through lectures, films, discussions, informal brown bag luncheons, practical skills training, and other events. The purpose of these activities is to introduce students to a wider range of issues in the field of migration, to provide opportunities to access the knowledge and experience of our Fletcher peers and professionals/academics working in the field, and to increase networking opportunities for individuals interested in migration-related careers.

Heather Kunin

Paul Miranda

Khadija Mohamud

International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Our group strives to promote a constructive dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, improve implementation and evaluation of practices, and contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary approach in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.

 Tristan Willman

Japan Club

Japan Club seeks to engage students in three ways: policy, culture, and networking. We host events on politics and policy relevant to Japan, U.S.-Japan relations, and East Asia.

Brian Hugelmeyer

Katherine Reilly

Kazuo Asai

Jun Tsutsui

Law in International Development Society (LIDS)

The Harvard Law and International Development Society (LIDS) is a student-run organization focused on issues at the intersection of law, policy and international development, whose members are graduate students at Harvard Law School, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, as well as Boston College and Boston University law. Students work on pro-bono projects for a diverse set of clients ranging from social enterprises to civil society organizations to legal advocacy groups.

Grishma Rimal

Ryan Johnson

MA Professional Student Group

Mediterranean Group (Med Club)

The Med Club is a cross-national forum for the celebration of all things Mediterranean. Through debates, discussions, and the medium of film, we seek to explore and foster the cultural, social, and political heritage of the myriad peoples populating the Mediterranean basin and its neighboring areas.
Med Club’s Events Page

The Murrow Network

The Murrow Network supports the work of Fletcher’s Edward R. Murrow Center, focused on international implications for media, cyberspace, communications, and public diplomacy. Students work on original research and strategic programs, and have special access to speaker series and leading stakeholders across the relevant industries.

North Korea Working Group

The North Korea Working Group aims to promote understanding of critical policy questions vis a vis North Korea. The group hosts monthly seminar comprised of experts both in and out of campus, yearly conference on pan-Korean security, and happy hours with club members. Issues the group discusses cover security threats posed by North Korea such as nuclear threats as well as cyber threats, human rights violations such as Japanese abductee issue and political prisons in DPRK, etc.

 Yoriko Matsuda 

Hiroki Tanaka

Chanyang Seo

PhD Student Group

The PhD student group acts as the conduit to develop a sense of community among PhD students with outreach to the rest of Fletcher, through workshops and events. Visit the PHD website.

Pride at Fletcher

Pride at Fletcher is a student organization for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ as well as allies to provide a platform for an LGBT+ community that embraces allies, hosts events to raise awareness and understanding, and serves as a resource for the Fletcher community.

Charlie Bentley

Ali Rashid

Jared Miller

Kristen Mosher

PRAXIS: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

PRAXIS provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and seeks to promote innovative research in the field of human security.The journal, published annually with a different theme each year, is produced entirely by Fletcher students in coordination with the Institute for Human Security. PRAXIS welcomes articles from a wide geographical and disciplinary range of practitioners and academics on topics that cut across the fields of humanitarianism, development, human rights, and conflict resolution.

Nitin Malik

RPCVs @ Fletcher

The RPCVs at Fletcher group seeks to bring together Returned Peace Corps Volunteers together in order to share common experiences, support those RPCVs who have recently returned from their service, and celebrate the different cultures in which we have lived. The club also intends to facilitate opportunities to pursue the Peace Corps’ 3rd Goal and develop opportunities for RPCVs to share their experiences with people at Tufts and in the greater Somerville/Medford area through conversations and community service.

Sarah Carson

Leif Hansen

John Zeleznak

South Asia Society

A club devoted to promoting lectures series on South Asian topics, sponsoring South Asian cultural events and coordinating South Asian networking receptions.

Syria Working Group

The Syria Working Group seeks to place the Fletcher School and its community at the center of the debate and action on one of the worst crises of our time. The group will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences on Syria and its crisis from interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives. The group will utilize the wide-ranging expertise and skills of the faculty and students. Activities include holding lectures/discussions and partnering with other institutions and individuals working on this important issue.

Adham Sahloul

Nicholas Glavin

Elissa Miller

Tech @ Fletcher

Tech @ Fletcher is the student club of the Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs, and connects students interested in technology both to each other and to opportunities for developing the skills necessary to succeed in the use and management of technology in international affairs. The club also works to provides guidance on course selection and career resources for students interested in focusing on technology-related subjects, and works to raise the profile of technology in international affairs at Fletcher overall.

Kelly Church

Nidhisha Philip

Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program (TURAP)

The Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program (TU-RAP) creates a social support network of volunteers and mentors for recently resettled refugees in the greater Boston area. TU-RAP volunteers connect directly with refugees, positively impacting their ability to build new lives in the United States, and in the process gaining meaningful personal experience. In conjunction with other student organizations, TU-RAP educates the broader Tufts community about topics related to refugees, human rights and immigration.


For the love of everything outdoors. We organize hikes, camping trips and more.

Michael Orcutt

Women in International Security

With more than 7,000 members in 47 countries, WIIS remains the only global network actively advancing women’s leadership, at all stages of their careers, in international peace and security.  WIIS continues to serve its mission by producing research on women in peace and security careers; fostering women’s leadership development and mentoring support; and expanding the WIIS network of women and men. To subscribe to WIIS and become an expert in our network, please visit:

Emily Dumont

Alex Hall

Annalise Burnett

Gioia Chaouch

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