Can you imagine what a Martian would think of Boston these days? Between Halloween here at the epicenter of the holiday — Salem, Massachusetts — and the delightful craziness of the Red Sox Nation, it is all getting pretty hard to explain.

Frankenstein (left) and Wally, The Red Sox Mascot. Photos:; /

Left: Frankenstein, the original “green monster” (left) walks the the streets of Salem, MA. Right: Red Sox Mascot Wally the Green Monster greets fans in Fenway Park. Photos:; /

Here at The Fletcher School, where we have students from over 60 nations attending classes, the non-US ones are a bit perplexed to say the least. But all can agree it is a festive time for the community to be pulling together after a World Series win and a popular holiday colliding.

Boston Strong indeed, although to our international students, it must be Boston Strange this week … Go BoSOX, World Champions!


Red Sox Flag Flying in Afghanistan. Photo Courtesy: Prof. Richard Shultz

A Red Sox Flag Flies in Afghanistan,  as Red Sox Nation celebrates abroad


Prudential Building Boston,  MA. Photo:

Boston Skyline at Night, Prudential Building Boston, MA. Photo:


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