“It could have been so much worse.” The global financial crisis of 2008, that is.

That is the premise of Professor Daniel Drezner’s new book: The System Worked: How the World Stopped Another Great Depression.

For my June video report from Fletcher, I interview Dan — one of our most prolific faculty members, between his many books, his new blog for the Washington Post, his former blog at Foreign Policy, his Twitter feed and myriad other published works — about this and many other exciting initiatives he’s involved in at the School.

For example, he also convened the recent Ideas Industry: Is the Academy Needed or Wanted? conference. It was a terrific daylong event that brought together academics, the press and public intellectuals to discuss the shifting role of the academy in today’s new media landscape.

In the video, I also give a short recap of our most recent travels to the Tufts’ campus in Talloires, France, for the annual Fletcher Symposium, where I was joined by General Sir Alexander Richard David Shirreff, who until this past March was the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, and alumnus Charles Dallara, who helped to negotiate to save the euro during his time at the Institute of International Finance.

Thanks as always for watching.

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