The week has flown by, but it started with a bang as President Trump, once again, took to Twitter to set the world’s stage a-blaze – this time, by seemingly threatening a possible war with Iran. I was up bright and early to talk with my friends at Morning Joe on Monday to discuss the lessons (mis)learned from the President’s engagement with North Korea. In the case of Iran, my advice to the President in entertainment terms that may resonate with him? We need him to follow less of a “Fast and Furious” path and take more of a “Cool Hand Luke” approach.

Iran is not North Korea, and this is the worst moment to use that bombastic, bellicose style. Of course, the politics of the region – and with our allies, partners, and friends – is a different story as well. Iran has some real leverage here, and they’ve got detailed plans on how to use it. Should President Rouhani choose to choke off access to the Strait of Hormuz in reaction to sanctions – something they’ve done in the 1980s and ‘90s – access to oil will be diminished and we’ll see rising gas prices and major disruption in the oil markets. As I said on CNBC’s Power Lunch, this comment, along with a U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor who are both very tough on Iran, marks a sharp turn against that nation and warrants serious attention.

Do I think we’re headed for war? It’s certainly something I’m now more concerned about than I was recently, but as I told Kristen Welker for NBC Nightly News, it’s more likely that President Trump is trying to push the Iranians to being more concerned about their own leadership.

That said, given the growing tensions in the gulf, I took time to pen an opinion piece for Bloomberg that lays out what a war plan would look like and addresses the politics at play in the region. In that piece, I’ve also included my thoughts at what a better strategy would entail.

A piece of advice for the President? He would do well to remember that the Iranians are far more ideological than Kim Jong Un. Kim is a gangster leader who will respond to monetary incentives; the ayatollahs are religious zealots, many of whom are willing to die to defy the Great Satan. A better strategy for the U.S. than angry tweets would be to craft an aggressive but sensible overall strategy toward Iran.

As always, thanks for reading.

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