Regular readers will know that one of my favorite things to do (aside from sipping Mai Tai’s in Hawaii) is having the opportunity to sit down with our esteemed (and endlessly interesting!) crew of faculty members to find out about their work prior to joining the Fletcher family. More importantly, I relish getting to share those conversations with all of you.

This week, I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest Professor of Practice in International Security Studies, Michele L. Malvesti. Michele is well entrenched in the Fletcher community. She first came here as a MALD and quickly followed up by completing her PhD at The Fletcher School, but perhaps most impressive is the service she has given our country while working for the U.S. Government on the National Security Council.

In this video chat – aptly entitled ‘From Counterterrorism to the Classroom’ you’ll hear from Michele about what day-to-day life is like as a top staffer on the NSC, which security challenge she believes requires urgent attention (hint: I couldn’t agree more and speak on the topic often), and the approach she’s taking to address that challenge as a Professor here, at The Fletcher School.

As always, thanks for reading.

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