As a busy summer unfolds globally, I hope our Fletcher community has a chance to take a break and do some reading!

cover-strengthAs you may know, we have a new program here at school called “Fletcher Reads,” which is a chance for us to pick a couple of books each year, provide copies to students on campus, and ultimately invite the author to school for a talk and book-signing. If you want to get a jump, the next two books are Tracy Kidder’s “Strength in What Remains” a non-fiction book about Rwanda; and Gary Shteyngart’s brilliant novel exploring the post Soviet space in Europe, “Absurdistan.” I strongly recommend them both, and both authors will be visiting us in the coming academic year.

Several other notable recent books to enjoy for background about current events include:

Duty,” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ searing memoir of his challenging world as the leader of the world’s largest military as it engages in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the Balkans, the South China Sea and elsewhere around the globe.

The Circle,” a wise and wry account of a fictitious company that looks a lot like Google by one of America’s wittiest writers, David Eggers. The book looks hard at the intersection of privacy and transparency in today’s world.

17270566The Orphan Master’s Son,” by Adam Johnson takes us inside the dark and twisted world of North Korea, and reads like a Charles Dickens novel — but every expert with whom I have spoken raves about the authenticity of the research.

When the Music Stopped,” by Alan S. Blinder about the 2008 Great Recession.  Pair it with “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis, and you will begin to get a sense of just how close we came to a global financial meltdown.

We also have a good brace of new books by our brilliant faculty, including:

Daniel Drezner – The System Worked
Kelly Sims-Gallagher – The Globalization of Clean Energy Technology
Robert L. Pfaltzgraff Jr.– Anticipating a Nuclear Iran
Jeswald Salacuse – Negotiating Life
Joel Trachtman – The Future of International Law
Laurent L. Jacque – International Corporate Finance

Finally, click here to run a search of summer reading recommendations by our faculty over the past five years or so, compiled by Fletcher’s famed Admissions blogger Jessica Daniels — still some treasures there.

I’ll have more in the weeks ahead on terrific books written by Fletcher faculty, including my new memoir to be published this fall.

Enjoy your reading!

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