Since 1896, the modern Olympic Games have served as a platform to promote shared values of education, friendship, solidarity, non-discrimination and fair play in an effort to build a better world through sport. Even in the darkest of times over the last 120 years, athletes from all corners of the world have competed and united on the global stage to demonstrate, as I often say, that the key to building a more inter-connected world is through bridges instead of walls.

While I look forward to this special event every four years, this year is particularly meaningful for me. I was honored with The Truce Foundation of the USA’s inaugural ‘Building Bridges Award,’ which was presented at the 2016 Rio Games on Sunday, August 7, for contributing to peaceful international passage of all and supporting people-to-people understanding to help manage international tensions. I’m humbled by this award and to be in the company of the other Truce Foundation award recipients, all of whom are leaders in their respective areas of diplomacy, media, Paralympics, and the International Olympic Committee: Anita DeFrantz, Wilfried Lemke, Andrew Parsons, and Carlos Henrique Schroder.

While I was unable to make the trip to Rio, the United States Ambassador to Brazil Liliana Ayalde accepted the award on my behalf. You can read more about The Truce Foundation and the award here.

As always, thanks for reading and Go Team USA!


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