Time flies when you’re having fun, right? That’s what they say and I can confirm the ‘winter break’ here at Fletcher seems to have absolutely flown by. That said, despite being a Floridian more accustomed to sun and palm trees, I’ve learned to appreciate the snowy winters that beset our Medford, Massachusetts campus, giving us time to read, relax, and regroup.

Part of what makes January great is that it sees the return of students to campus from their numerous winter break adventures which, this year, included a trek to Japan, and research trips to Finland, Ireland, Jordan, and Indonesia, among other exotic sojourns. It is also the time when I get to welcome our new class of 27 Januarian students; a diverse group of fantastically motivated, ambitious, and intellectually curious individuals who have come to Fletcher from as far as Shenzhen China, and as near as Boston (and from lots of places in between!).

Finally, I have the pleasure of welcoming our annual cohort from the Tavitian Scholarship Program each January. This year marks the 19th class of mid-career Armenian government officials who will be on campus for a six-month executive education program and who will, in July, receive their certificates in public policy and administration.

It’s thanks to these kinds of students – these leaders of tomorrow – that the Fletcher name carries the reputation and tradition of producing innovative, communicative and collaborative future leaders. Fletcher has a reputation that I am incredibly proud of and humbled by, and one that stands out across industries, governments, and the non-profit world for producing the leaders who will be the heart and the hope of the next generation.

I recently did a short video with Mic Media outlining a few life lessons and distilling those lessons down to three characteristics that I believe are crucial for anyone who wants to change the world.

I consider myself lucky to be able to say I think we’ve got these kinds of people in spades here at Fletcher.

Welcome back everyone! And as always, thanks for reading.

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