Advanced Negotiation

Fletcher LIVE Online Course

Course Format:

  • 5 weeks from start to finish
  • 2 hours of live class per week (10 hours total)
  • ~20-25 total hours of effort

Professor Eileen Babbitt

Credential: Fletcher Executive Certificate of Completion

Course Dates:
Thursdays, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EST
June 2 – June 30

Priority Registration Deadline:
March 15

Final Registration Deadline:
May 15

In this course, you will…

  • Learn to prepare effectively for negotiations.
  • Learn to manage difficult conversations that could threaten relationships.
  • Develop your own strategic approach to influence.
  • Develop strong communication skills that enhance your ability to meet your interests.
  • Expand your professional network.
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Program Description

This course will help you develop a strategic approach to influence, and it will enhance your capabilities to deal with disputes in a wide variety of forms and contexts.

Negotiation is the art of creating solutions that leave all parties involved better off than they were before. Effective negotiation skills can improve the effectiveness of your organization, your team, and your daily interactions. In this course, you will learn and practice negotiation with real-world international case studies that will prepare you to work on a global scale in political and economic policy settings. The techniques we cover in this course are also directly applicable in the corporate space to design effective collaborative solutions, create and maintain partnerships, and guide conflict resolution efforts. You will learn to identify the needs of all parties involved, work with competing interests, and manage disputes toward a positive outcome. 

You learn to effectively map stakeholder interests, prepare for negotiation, conduct conflict analysis, and communicate and listen in nuanced and effective ways. We will also address the psychological tools that make good negotiators into effective and strategic leaders.

This course uses research-based lecture and targeted case studies to hone your understanding while providing opportunities to practice and build your skills through live online simulations.As you develop skills in active listening, nuanced communication, and strategic thinking, you will become more effective when working with individuals, teams, across organizations, and internationally. 

Who should enroll:

This course teaches a powerful and versatile skill set that is applicable in both global affairs and the private sector. We welcome early career, mid-career, and senior-level practitioners and leaders in both the international affairs fields and in the private sector, who work regularly with outside parties, across teams, or with multiple stakeholders.

This course is designed as an opportunity for advanced skill-building. Participants should have a working knowledge of the basic negotiation concepts that are typically covered in an introductory negotiations course, such as BATNA, position vs. interests, objective criteria, and the 2-level game.

Prior Training: If you have taken any prior courses in negotiation, please list them in your course registration.

Meet your Faculty:

Eileen Babbitt
Professor of the Practice of International Negotiation and Conflict Management

Dr. Babbitt’s research interests include identity-based conflicts, coexistence and trust-building in the aftermath of civil war, and the interface between human rights concerns and peace building. Her practice as a facilitator and trainer has included work in the Middle East, the Balkans, and with the United Nations, U.S. government agencies, regional inter-governmental organizations, and international and local NGOs. In addition to teaching at Fletcher, Dr. Babbitt is a faculty associate of the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School.

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