Custom Solutions

In a highly diverse, global, and interconnected world, there is not one-size-fits-all solution to bringing out the best in your team. We have a track record of working with high-level leaders from across the globe to craft effective custom trainings that fit the context and needs of each client.

Discussions with Fletcher’s faculty, all of whom are leading scholars and practitioners in their respective fields, provides a unique opportunity for practitioners and leaders to step back from the demands of their everyday work, assess the major trends shaping our world, and think about how they can influence these trends to advance national and global security and prosperity.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum:

We offer an interdisciplinary approach that gives you the knowledge and the skills to be successful in a diversity of contexts. Our curriculum engages participants in strategic-level thinking and case-studies on major global issues and trends, as well as an opportunity to strengthen essential political, diplomatic, and strategy-making skills for practical employment in a dynamic and ever-changing global landscape.

Our flagship program is the Global Leadership Academy (formerly known as the Leadership Program for Advanced Diplomacy), which offers an intensive and comprehensive training experience for a cohort of leaders. Leadership academies can range from one week in person to four weeks online: we work with you to design the right fit for your organization.

Our curriculum weaves integrates three pillars of effective leadership:

Customized Format:

Programs are fully customized. They can be in-person or virtual, and range from a specialized half-day webinar to a comprehensive three-week virtual academy or one-week on-campus experience. We look forward to working with you to design a program that takes your employees, your team, and your organization to the next level.

Virtual Options: After decades of hosting diplomatic delegations on our Medford campus, the pandemic provided the opportunity to design effective online solutions for our clients. Our faculty are experienced in online pedagogy and eager to work with you to design workshops that achieve strong engagement, deep learning, and long-term results.

In-person Safety: We are reopening our campus to offer Our in-person programs follow careful safety protocols and all Tufts University policies to ensure the health of all participants.