Cyber Risk Management

Fletcher LIVE Online Course

Course Format:

  • 5 weeks from start to finish
  • 2 hours of live class per week (10 hours total)
  • ~20-25 total hours of effort

Faculty: Josephine Wolff

Credential: Fletcher Executive Certificate of Completion

Course Dates:
9:00-11:00 am EST
June 1 – June 29

Priority Registration Deadline:
March 15

Final Registration Deadline:
May 15

In this course, you will…

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  • Gain familiarity with major international policies and frameworks for cybersecurity and cyber risk.
  • Learn to apply cybersecurity standards to your organization.
  • Perform threat modeling and cyber risk assessment.
  • Learn to craft an incident response plan.
  • Learn to design a cyber risk management strategy in a multinational organization.
  • Gain a professional network of fellow cyber risk management leaders for future exchange and mutual benefit.
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Program Description

This course prepares you for the complex process of developing a cyber risk management strategy in a multinational organization.

This program uses research-based lecture, in-depth discussion, and real-world case studies to bring you to the most up-to-date knowledge about cyber risk mitigation, strategy, and response. The organizational risks discussed will include data breaches, online financial fraud, industrial espionage, social engineering, denial-of-service attacks, cloud provider outages, and online extortion.

To prepare you to respond to these threats, we cover threat modeling, security metrics and budgeting, incident response and remediation, legal compliance, and cyber-insurance. Through case studies of major international cybersecurity incidents, such SolarWinds and Equifax, you will learn to identify potential cyber threats to your organization, develop qualitative and quantitative metrics for assessing cybersecurity, establish a policy for responding to law enforcement requests for data.

To apply this knowledge to your own organization, you will learn how to use international security standards and frameworks, address related supply chain and procurement risks, design risk-sharing strategies, negotiate insurance coverage for cyber risks, and incorporate cloud-based services and other third-party IT vendors into a comprehensive cyber risk management plan.

Who should enroll:

Cyber Risk Management is designed for global professionals in the public, private, or non-profit sector who make strategic decisions related to cyber risk and digital security, who develop cyber risk policies in their organization, or who manage risk assessment and incident response in their organization. This program prepares you to leverage the full potential of your organization — policy, investment, personnel, training, and IT — to assess risks, develop strategy, and lead crisis response.

No technical expertise is required. Professionals with some background in IT or technology, or who would like to learn more about IT and technical risks, are welcome.

Meet your Faculty:

Josephine Wolff
Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Policy, The Fletcher School

Dr. Wolff is author of You’ll See This Message When It Is Too Late: The Legal and Economic Aftermath of Cybersecurity Breaches (MIT Press 2018). Her expertise is in international Internet governance, cyber-insurance, security responsibilities, the liability of online intermediaries, and the political consequences of cybersecurity breaches. She also specializes in government-funded programs for cybersecurity education and workforce development.

Read more about Dr. Wolff’s work here