Digital Money

The emerging field of digital financial services (DFS) is expanding rapidly, bringing with it unprecedented levels of innovation, especially in developing markets. Members of the public, private and non-profit sectors alike are interested in the potential of DFS to promote financial inclusion, create career opportunities and support economic growth, while simultaneously raising questions about security, regulation, and access. Many find they are seeking additional skills and knowledge.

Unfortunately, while traditional banking has long been recognized as a formal profession supported by training and accreditation, there is no counterpart in the world of DFS. Training – if available at all – has usually been fragmented and is often proprietary to large providers.

Working in partnership with the Digital Frontiers Institute, The Fletcher School is helping to fill this gap with two certified foundational courses. The Certificate in Digital Money has been developed for professionals who wish to gain a holistic understanding of digital payments and emerging digital financial services, particularly those working to accelerate a financial inclusion agenda.  The course covers all aspects of the digital financial services ecosystem and value chain, as well as practical thoughts and insights into key operational details. Its companion course, Leading Digital Money Markets, provides a global tour of noteworthy experiences on digital money systems currently in use.

Students in both courses come from around the globe and represent every part of the industry – from central banks and regulatory agencies, to commercial banks and telcos, to researchers and development practitioners. 
More information on these courses is available here: