Strategy and Leadership for Social Impact

Fletcher LIVE Online Course

Course Format:

  • 5 weeks from start to finish
  • 2 hours of live class per week (10 hours total)
  • ~20-25 total hours of effort

Professor Alnoor Ebrahim

Credential: Fletcher Executive Certificate of Completion

Course Dates:
9:00-11:00 am EST
May 31 – June 28

Priority Registration Deadline:
March 15

Final Registration Deadline:
May 15

In this course, you will…

  • Develop a theory of change that is aligned with the mission of your organization or project.
  • Learn about four distinct types of strategies for social change—niche, integrated, emergent, and ecosystem—and when best to deploy them.
  • Design a strategy that is the right fit for your organization or project.
  • Develop performance measures useful for your internal learning and external accountability.

View an introduction to the course by your faculty, Dr. Alnoor Ebrahim.

Program Description

Leaders who seek to tackle our world’s most difficult challenges — from ending poverty and improving public health, to advancing human rights and sustainability—require a distinct set of skills and capabilities. This course provides a toolkit for leaders and managers to bring strategic clarity and discipline to designing, executing, and constantly improving their social impacts. 

This course focuses on how to: a) design an organization’s theory of change and strategy in order to deliver on its mission; b) develop performance management systems useful for internal learning and external accountability to diverse stakeholders; and, c) scale impact through diverse pathways such as market growth, cross-sector collaboration, and policy influence.

The course content is practical and case-study based.  You will apply the knowledge in each session to your own project, organization, or issue of interest. We will draw on examples from diverse industries as a basis for identifying cross-cutting leadership and strategy lessons.  And we will draw on small group discussions, videos, and practical exercises to enhance your learning. 

Who should enroll:

The program is designed for individuals who seek to build their strategic leadership capabilities  — whether as managers in nonprofit organizations, NGOs, social enterprises, international aid agencies, and development finance institutions, or as board members, consultants, investors, or funders.  Early-stage entrepreneurs as well as experienced professionals are welcome.

Meet your Faculty:

Alnoor Ebrahim
Professor of Management
The Fletcher School, Tisch College of Civic Life

Dr. Ebrahim’s research examines the challenges of performance, accountability, and governance facing organizations with a social purpose. His recent book,  Measuring Social Change: Performance and Accountability in a Complex World, has received awards from the Financial Times and Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium, as well as The Alliance for Nonprofit Management. Professor Ebrahim serves on advisory boards to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), and Imago Global Grassroots. He previously served on a working group established by the G7 to create global guidelines on social impact measurement. Professor Ebrahim received his doctorate from Stanford University, and his bachelor of science from M.I.T.

Read more about Dr. Ebrahim’s work here.