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Privilege and the Symbolism of the Draft 

By Andrea Goldstein Based on testimony from National Defense Authorization Act 2016 markup session, April 27, 2016. Full clip available at: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4591105/rep-duncan-hunter-amendment-requiring-women-register-military-draft   Congressman Duncan Hunter, Republican from California, was surprised when his attempt at exposing “reverse sexism” against men failed. … Continue reading

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Legacies of Political Violence in Latin America- A Book Talk by Roddy Brett & Kimberly Theidon

Event Summary by Allyson Hawkins At what point and for what reasons does political violence evolve into genocide? When, if at all, does a genocide end? Does post-conflict violence constitute a legacy of genocide or its continuance? On September 15, … Continue reading

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