Volunteer Description

Role of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations
The Office of Development and Alumni Relations organizes and executes the two-day event, Reunion at Alumni Weekend each year. The reunion staff provides logistical support for all mailings and communications, supports the Reunion Committees as they connect with their classmates and assist with coordination of various class activities and dinners. While the Office of Development and Alumni Relations staff provides support, Reunion Committee members are the main drive for encouraging classmates to join in the celebration!

Reunion Committee Recruitment

  • Work with the reunion staff to help identify/recruit 8-10 classmates to join committee (depending on class size and needs)
  • Strive for a diverse committee (geographically, professionally, socially, etc…)

Classmate Contacts

  • Assist the alumni relations office in updating classmates’ contact information
  • Help to locate “lost” classmates for whom we do not have contact information

Note: Reunion is geared towards ten classes each year, however, all Fletcher alumni, regardless of class year are welcome to attend reunion! If you have friends from other classes, please feel free to reach out to them.

Reunion Weekend Logistics

  • As a committee, choose a location to hold Class Dinner on Saturday of reunion weekend and elect one volunteer to serve as a Class Dinner host.

Reunion Attendance

  • Contact classmates personally (via phone, email, etc…) and encourage them to join in the celebration
  • Have your name and email address printed on two letters from the Reunion Committee to class to encourage participation
  • Goal is to exceed the attendance record set by preceding Reunion classes
  • Register early to encourage classmates attendance

Reunion Giving

  • Support the Reunion Giving goals which are larger than during non-reunion years as the class is encouraged to go above and beyond what they might typically give
  • Lead by example – each Reunion Committee member is asked to make a gift to The Fletcher Fund in fiscal year 2020 (1 July 2019–30 June 2020). Ideally, Reunion Committee members make their Fletcher Fund gift before 01 April.
  • Encourage classmates through direct interaction and/or example to support The Fletcher Fund
  • Support Class Fund Agent(s) in their Reunion Giving appeals
  • 100% participation in The Fletcher Fund by Reunion Committee members

Time Commitment
Overall time commitment for a Reunion Committee member is approximately 1 hour per week (primarily reading & responding to emails and reaching out to classmates individually). This will increase slightly in March-May, as committee members will be making more personal contacts with classmates (individual emails and phone calls) to encourage them to reunite on 15-16 May 2020 at The Fletcher School!