Educational Modules for MGIMO MA Students by Professors of The Fletcher School

From May 22-25, 2018, MGIMO hosted a series of talks by professors from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (USA). This is the fourth joint project in the current semester. In February, Tufts University students participated in the International Student Arctic Week; in March, MGIMO hosted a joint educational module for graduate students; and in April, MGIMO students audited the course of Professor Alan Henrikson.

During the May visit, Professor Daniel Drezner gave a series of talks on “International Political Economy and Statecraft” to students of the English MA programs “Governance and Global Affairs and Politics” and “Economics in Eurasia.” He discussed the relationship between developed and developing economies in the framework of global governance and the construction of an international economic regime.

A first-year student described the course as: “Insightful, engaging, quick-witted and brilliant! We covered a host of topics, from populism to sanctions as a tool of statecraft, to vital relations with the international community today, and were rewarded with in-depth, duly considered current analysis. An extraordinary opportunity indeed!”

The course by Professor Diana Chigas on the “Process of International Negotiation” was attended by students of the MA program “International Humanitarian Cooperation and External Relations of the Regions.” The lectures looked at practical cases and different possible approaches to the negotiation process.

The third module on “International Trade Law” was taught by Professor Joel Trachtman for students of the MA program “Legal support of energy cooperation and development of oil and gas resources in the Arctic.” The course was an analysis of the text of the WTO agreements.

This article was translated and republished from the MGIMO website.

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