Exchange Programs

Fletcher MALD and MIB students have the option of studying at one of our exchange partner institutions in their third, fourth, or fifth semester. They are expected to take a full course load equivalent to 12.0 Fletcher credits at the host institution. During the exchange semester, students pay Fletcher tuition and receive Fletcher financial aid.

To apply, please submit the following documents to Mary Dulatre by March 11, 2019:

  • Resume/CV
  • Maximum two-page statement of interest that should address the following:
    • Reasons for wanting to do the exchange
    • How exchange fits career trajectory and/or Fletcher degree requirements
    • Indication of first and second choice of exchange program


Moscow State Institute of International Relations

Through its partnership with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), The Fletcher School is currently developing a wide-ranging exchange program for students and faculty between the two universities. The two universities have held a series of joint conferences and policy workshops on U.S.-Russia relations since 2017. The Fletcher School and MGIMO University also have two joint video-linked courses on science diplomacy and U.S.-Russia relations as well as short courses for MGIMO students taught by Fletcher faculty. In Fall 2019, the two schools will launch semester-long student exchanges for Fletcher and MGIMO master’s students. To learn more about the exchange student program, please see the MGIMO website. Please see the tentative list of courses offered to exchange master’s students at MGIMO during the 2019-2020 academic year. The two universities are now working to develop a dual master’s degree program. To inquire about the possibility of studying at MGIMO University, please contact Arik Burakovsky.


National Research University Higher School of Economics

The Institute for Business in a Global Context (IBGC) at The Fletcher School has a collaborative relationship with the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) in Moscow, which developed its English-language MIB program on the IBGC’s model. Since 2012, HSE University has sent two to three students each year to The Fletcher School for a semester to study international business and management. One student of The Fletcher School studied during the Fall 2018 semester at HSE University. The two universities have also had several short-term faculty exchanges. For more information about the HSE University student exchange program application and enrollment process, please take a look at the exchange factsheet. To inquire about the possibility of studying at HSE University, please contact Arik Burakovsky.


Tavitian Scholarship Program

The Office of Executive Education at The Fletcher School, in collaboration with the Tavitian Foundation, conducts the Tavitian Scholarship Program, a six-month training program for Armenian mid-career professionals. Since 1999, the program has brought fifteen young Armenian government officials and central bankers to The Fletcher School annually. The early focus of the program was on developing diplomatic skills to enable the young republic to forge relations with other nations. The focus of the program more recently has been on encouraging business development and helping Armenia achieve steady growth of real GDP per capita, including the development of the telecommunication, software, banking, and tourist industries. The program has also helped to bridge the development gap between the United States and the South Caucasus, bringing increased understanding and cooperation.

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