Lectures by Professor Paul Berkman and Professor Tore Henriksen at MGIMO University

On December 9, director of the K.G.Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea (The Arctic University of Norway) Professor Tore Henriksen and head of the international Arctic Options and Pan-Arctic Options projects (Tufts University) Professor Paul Berkman spoke before the students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). 

The speakers were introduced to the students by the head of the MGIMO Department of International Law, Professor Alexander Vylezhagin. 

As part of their lectures, the international guests shared their vision on the most urgent issues of determining the territorial status of the seas in the Arctic and preserving environmental security in the region, including facilitating the stability of the Arctic flora and fauna. They also looked at the specifics of the new regional agreements, including those concluded under the aegis of the Arctic Council. Professor Paul Berkman of Tufts University highlighted positive trends in the educational programme on Arctic law and science diplomacy for Master’s students, successfully taught by MGIMO and Tufts University (the leading professors of the joint programme are Professor Berkman and Professor Vylezhagin respectively).

A presentation of the international three-volume set on political and legal issues in the management of territories and resources of the Arctic Ocean and its seas, prepared by MGIMO and Tufts, also took place as part of the event. These topics were discussed in the light of the conceptual development of those international legal possibilities of cooperation in the region outlined in the Ilulissat Declaration signed by the Arctic nations in 2008. 

Professors of the International Law Dmitry Ivanov and Vladislav Tolstykh also took part in the event, which coincided with the 6th Moscow Youth International Model Arctic Council (MAC-2019). The event takes place in MGIMO with the support of the MGIMO Endowment Fund. The organisers of MAC-2019 are the members of the student scientific research society Arktica (Arctic) affiliated with the International Energy Policy and Diplomacy Institute. The head of the club, Valeria Ruzakova, became the moderator of the event.

This piece was translated and republished from MGIMO website

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