Frezer Ayalew

Frezer Ayalew
Director, Microfinance Institutions Supervision Directorate
National Bank of Ethiopia

My policy idea: 
In order to achieve financial inclusion (from an accessibility and usage perspective) in a given jurisdiction, initiatives that are geared towards addressing only financial service supply barriers/constraints, despite being critical, do not suffice.  To this end, initiatives such as financial education and literacy programs that will address the demand side of financial inclusion need to be given due attention and worked out accordingly in parallel.
Why I came to the Leadership Program: I understood that the program provides a unique opportunity for policy makers to come together, discuss and get training on different issues and topics that have significant influence on promoting financial inclusion through renowned resource persons.
What I have learned that has been very helpful: I have learned how to come up with a policy idea that is workable and capable of addressing the issue of financial inclusion in a radical manner. In addition, I have learned how to effectively communicate and promote a policy idea to policy makers in the best possible manner.