Something Cyber to Chew On

As I was reading through this article, on State-sponsored cyber interventions, I kept thinking about out modeling reading. A few questions:

  • How, if at all, do the models that McQuail introduces help explain the various communication processes (identified in this article)?
  • Would it be instructive to map the various state-sponsored activity? (Why/why not?)
  • Do the examples mentioned in this article all:
    • follow the same pattern
    • engage the same variables?
    • produce the same outcomes?
  • If so, what do:
    • the flows look like?
    • the agents?
    • the dynamics?
    • the results?

If you’d like to take a crack at it here, go for it. Otherwise, let’s add this to the list of examples/possible exercises we can address in our review segment on McQuail tomorrow.

See you then!

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