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Annual progress reporting

Read about our progress towards our goal of equipping governments and civil society around the world with accurate, updated metrics to monitor the cost and affordability of healthy diets.

eLearning course

  • World Bank open learning course on Food Prices for Nutrition: Cost and Affordability of a Healthy Diet and other Indicators (self-paced, approximately 6 hours of video with quizzes)

Video explanations


  • Apr 2023: EconoFact podcast on economics of malnutrition (+ Handbook chapter & preprint)
  • July 2022: Inside Story podcast on the cost of living crisis
  • May 2022: JHSPH podcast on wartime disruption and food prices
  • Feb 2022: Yumlish podcast on food prices and cost of healthy eating
  • Mar 2021: Eat This podcast on diet costs and affordability

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Blog: The Conversation

Article: Le Monde

Podcast: Yumlish

Article: Tufts Now

Webinar: FAO-Tufts

Press: Hindustan Times

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