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Blog: The Conversation

Article: Le Monde

Podcast: Yumlish

Article: Tufts Now

Webinar: FAO-Tufts

Press: Hindustan Times

eLearning course

  • World Bank open learning course on Food Prices for Nutrition: Cost and Affordability of a Healthy Diet and other Indicators (self-paced, approximately 6 hours of video with quizzes)

Video explanations


  • Apr 2023: EconoFact podcast on economics of malnutrition (+ Handbook chapter & preprint)
  • July 2022: Inside Story podcast on the cost of living crisis
  • May 2022: JHSPH podcast on wartime disruption and food prices
  • Feb 2022: Yumlish podcast on food prices and cost of healthy eating
  • Mar 2021: Eat This podcast on diet costs and affordability

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