Food price users

The Food Prices for Nutrition project aims to scale up the use of food price data, including diet cost and affordability metrics, to monitor food systems and inform policy in agriculture, health, and related fields to improve nutrition. To do this, we convene discussions of food price “users” to discuss, interpret, and use published food price data and analyses. Some examples of food price users:

  • Government officials designing agricultural policy, transportation infrastructure, or social protection programs.
  • Individuals and leaders of civil society organizations, advocating for change or investment in a specific sector
  • Market analysts in private sector businesses interested in food system opportunities
  • Researchers and students interested in monitoring food system performance, to understand how food environments limit food choice

Food price user groups also aim to improve data systems and inform analyses by raising questions and bringing together coalitions of people to answer them.

National user groups are designed to share data and methods among researchers and practitioners working or interested in each of the nine focus countries of the Food Prices for Nutrition project. Food price user groups are country-specific and open to all. For further information please contact

These videos are also available on the Food Prices for Nutrition YouTube Channel at

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