Specific Aims

As a student-led initiative, we are a symposium by students, for students. This drives our theme for translating nutrition science from data to policy; we aim to create a conference where students can develop knowledge and skills while also broadening their professional network and communicating their research.

We invite students of all levels (undergraduate through doctoral students) from across the country to connect with researchers, academics, practitioners, businesspersons, and government officials actively working in the fields of nutrition, public health, and data science. Through this event, we aim to showcase both the methodological complexities of rigorous data analysis as well as provide an opportunity for the next generation of professionals to gain experience in communicating scientific research while building networks for future collaboration.

This year, the 2021 Tufts Research and Data Symposium for Food and Nutrition provides an opportunity for students, faculty, practitioners, and researchers to:

(1) Promote Transdisciplinary Research – we invite participants from all corners of nutrition and public health fields to present their research and transcend disciplinary boundaries. Such applications and interactions across specialties in unexpecting new contexts fosters opportunities for creativity and innovation.

(2) Engage in Professional Networking – we challenge participants to engage with one another to establish partnerships beyond institutional and generational boundaries. This serves both to foster new research opportunities as well as broaden professional networks for student transition into professional settings.

(3) Encourage Data Analytics Communication – we encourage participants to pay attention to the means and modes of communicating their research methods and results to others. This includes describing decision-making processes, justifying assumptions, and offering data visualizations in digestible forms for a range of audiences.

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