Fletcher LEADS

We are proud to launch Fletcher LEADS: Leadership, Equality, and Diversity. The goal of this program is to enhance and refine Fletcher women’s competence, confidence and leadership to fulfill their potential in the world, make a positive impact, build careers of significance, feel empowered as individuals, and balance their work endeavors and passions with their families and other responsibilities.  Fletcher LEADS seeks to contribute to gender equality. Fletcher Leads is directed by Professor Dyan Mazurana (dyan.mazurana@tufts.edu).

Workshops Include:



  • Ambassador (ret.) Prudence Bushnell will discuss why women, and the men who support them, are uniquely placed to use innovative ways of addressing human security challenges and transnational threats. She will share examples of S.M.A.R.T. choices – Strategic. Moral. Achievable. Reliable. Transformative. – that have changed the world for the better in the past.

Empowering Future Leaders Workshop

  • The 2019 Conference on Gender and International Affairs and Fletcher LEADS are excited to host the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus during the Empowering Future Leaders workshop. By hearing from an accomplished panel of local political leaders, workshop participants will learn skills such as how to craft a message, build a strong network, fundraise, leverage social media and address opposition. 


Equal Pay Workshop

  • The Negotiating Your Salary and Raises Workshop with Evelyn Murphy took place on April 16th, 2019. The goals for the workshop were for Fletcher students in attendance to be committed, comfortable, and confident negotiating for fair pay and benefits.

Work-Life Balance Workshop

  • On November 3, 2018, career and wellness coach Aileen Axtmayer, founder of Aspire with Aileen, presented a program focused on helping students assess how to create and sustain work/life balance throughout their careers.


Sexual Identity and Diversity in the Workplace

  • This workshop will break down assumptions based on sexual orientation and gender identity with the goals of dismantling patriarchy and creating a safe, inclusive, and diverse professional and academic environment. Hope Freeman will be presenting.

Negotiation: Playing to Our Strengths

  • This workshop, put on by Jamie Lee, focused on communication strategies of mutual benefit negotiation and influence-building tactics nested in the gender culture in which women negotiate.


Work-Life Balance

  • In this workshop, Fletcher students assessed and defined what work-life balance means to each of them personally and discussed challenges and best practices in this space. They also brainstormed ideas for how to prioritize self-care.

Professional Communications

  • This workshop focused on communication in the workplace. Christine Jahnke went over the “3 Vs” with Fletcher students: are vocal (pace, pitch, pause, projection); visual (eye contact, body language); and verbal quality (clear point).

Equal Pay Workshop

  • In this workshop, Evelyn Murphy taught students that salary negotiation is about being objective about your market worth, being persuasive, and thinking strategically. She helped students prepare for salary negotiations with simulations.