Professional Communications

The second Fletcher LEADS event was led by Christine Jahnke, a nationally recognized, author, speaker, and consultant on effective public speaking skills. Chris has coached more women political candidates than any other trainer, including working with First Lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Chris went over the “3 Vs” with Fletcher students: are vocal (pace, pitch, pause, projection); visual (eye contact, body language); and verbal quality (clear point). Breakfast and a coffee break were included.

Workshop feedback: 46 Fletcher students attended this workshop. 100% of students who completed feedback forms (41 students) said the workshop met or exceed their expectations. Approximately 41% of students noted specific ways they are going to use these skills while still at Fletcher, while approximately 46% of students described specific ways they are going to use these skills in post-Fletcher career life.

Comments from feedback forms:

  • “This workshop exceeded my expectations. She addressed public speaking in a variety of settings that was useful. There were many take-aways on an issue I hadn’t even considered.”
  • “I believe I will use the posture and vocal techniques every day in my communications in class, in meetings, and interviews while looking for my next job.”
  • “I will use the skills in my classes and will try to participate and share my opinions more actively. In the long turn, I hope to internalize these key lessons to be an effective communicator.”
  • “As I will join the foreign service after Fletcher, these techniques will be extremely helpful in small meetings and any possible interviews or speeches.”

Christine K. Jahnke

President & Founder, Positive Communications

A nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant on effective public speaking skills, Chris Jahnke is passionate about helping women project with confidence before audiences large and small. Executives at companies as diverse as Avon and NASCAR have turned to Chris for advice on how to be a compelling presenter.  Clients have earned standing ovations at TED Talks and campaign rallies.

In the watershed 1992 “Year of the Woman,” Chris first began prepping political candidates for live TV debates and stump speeches.  Since then, she has helped First Lady Michelle Obama, advised Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign, and coached more women candidates and elected officials than any other trainer.  Chris also consults with nonprofits including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Women’s Media Center.

A Minnesota native, Chris has said that overcoming her own fears about public speaking forged her determination to help more women raise their voices.  She wrote The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best (Prometheus Books, 2011) to provide best practices for women from every walk life.