A 5-day Geometry of Redistricting “summer school” will be offered at Tufts University from August 7-11, 2017, mixing math, law, and civil rights.  The first three days (M-W) will be open to the public and made available online.  The last two days (Th-F) will be devoted to specialized training, broken down into three tracks.  Participants for the specialized tracks were selected by an application process.  [FAQ]

Here is a tentative plan of speakers and schedule for the summer school.

Public portion of workshop (Mon-Weds)

Speaker (Affiliation) Possible topics
Guy-Uriel Charles — Prof, Law, Duke; Director of Center for Race, Law, and Politics racial vs. partisan gerrymandering
Wendy Cho — Prof, Political Science, Statistics, Asian-American Studies, Supercomputing, UIUC supercomputing algorithms for comparing districting plans
Kristen Clarke — President & Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law anatomy of a civil rights case
Moon Duchin — Prof, Math and STS, Tufts metric geometry, “compactness” without perimeter, math brainstorming session
Megan Gall — Social Scientist, Lawyers’ Committee “traditional districting principles,” statistical techniques, intro to GIS
Ellen Katz — Prof, Law, Michigan legal history of redistricting cases and Voting Rights Act
Justin Solomon — Prof, EECS, MIT geometric data analysis, computational geometry
Iván Espinoza-Madrigal — Lawyers’ Committee (Boston)

Peter Levine — Dean, Civic Life, Tufts

Charles Stewart III — Prof, Political Science, MIT

panel: civic engagement and expert witnessing
Kareem Crayton — Vanderbilt Law, redistricting consultant

Jeff Wice — SUNY Buffalo Law Fellow, redistricting attorney

panel: how the lines are actually drawn

Schedule for Mon-Weds

10-11am Talk 1

11:15-12:15 Talk 2

12:15-2:15 long lunch / Tue&Wed: intro GIS session (brown bag)

2:15-3:15 Talk 3

3:30-4:30 Talk 4

7:30-8:30pm Evening session (Talk 5)

Specialized portion of workshop (Thurs-Fri)

Expert witness track:  run by Moon Duchin (Tufts Math/STS)

  • 30 participants from mix of PhD backgrounds
  • legal experts will discuss principles for effective expert testimony and community support
  • experts include
    • Geoff Cohen (vice president and litigation specialist, Stroz Friedberg)
    • Kareem Crayton (Vanderbilt Law, redistricting consultant)
    • Bob Kengle (former Deputy Chief, Voting Section, Department of Justice)
    • Jennie Lusk (communications counsel, state of New Mexico)
    • Oren Sellstrom (litigation director, Lawyers’ Committee)
    • Jeff Wice (SUNY Buffalo Law Fellow, redistricting attorney)

Teaching track:  run by Mira Bernstein (Tufts STS) and Ari Nieh (MIT Rhetoric)

  • 100 participants who are current university and high school teachers
  • master teachers will present sample lessons to get voting, redistricting, civil rights material into curricula

GIS Team

  • 15-member team will work together intensively for two days, hackathon-style
  • will produce maps and data pursuant to compactness scores proposed by MGGG and legal partners