What is the structure of the summer school?

Out of the five days of the program, the first three days will be open to the public and made available online. Minicourses will cover the legal, historical, civil rights, and mathematical aspects of redistricting. We will ask participants to pre-register so we can plan appropriately.

For the last two days, we will offer three more specialized parallel tracks, focusing on (a) expert witnessing, (b) teaching, and (c) GIS. All three tracks will foreground the geometric considerations of the redistricting problem. Participants for the specialized tracks will be chosen by an application process.

What qualifications are necessary for the three specialized tracks?

Expert witness track: PhD required; all fields will be considered.

Teaching track: current high school and college teachers.

GIS team: significant GIS experience.

I’m not sure which track is most appropriate for me. Can I apply for more than one?

Yes. Our application allows you to apply for multiple tracks and indicate your preferences.

Will everyone who completes this training get to be an expert witness?

That’s certainly not guaranteed. However, there is a genuine and pressing need for a diverse next generation of mathematically sophisticated expert witnesses for redistricting cases in the post-Shelby landscape. Furthermore, the training will give participants generalized background that will be transferable to other civil rights areas, like employment discrimination and criminal justice.

If I can’t make the school or I’m not chosen for a specialized track, can I still contribute?

Yes! We’ll need an ongoing team to help with the preparation of expert witness reports as cases come up. We’re also looking into how to take people up on the many generous offers of resources and expertise that we’ve received so far.

What is the cost to attend the summer school?

There is no fee for any portion of the program.

Is funding available?

Yes, partial funding for lodging and travel expenses will be available for participants in the three specialized tracks.

I’m not available during the summer school. Will there be later trainings?

Yes, we are already planning regional sites in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, and California for the coming year. Join the mailing list to stay informed.

Will you be putting lecture videos and other materials online for public use?


Can I have access to your dropbox?

Sure. Send us an email and we’ll add you.

Can I contribute to your dropbox?

Yes. If you find a relevant resource that our dropbox is missing, please send us an email.

Who are you?

The Geometry of Redistricting Summer School is being organized by a small (for now) team called the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group (MGGG), run by Prof. Moon Duchin of Tufts University together with Mira Bernstein, Megan Gall, and Ari Nieh.   

Is the MGGG a partisan organization?

No. Our mission is research and education, and we are not affiliated with any partisan group. However, we will happily collaborate and share resources with all other groups working on this topic, whether partisan or not.

Please send further questions to gerrymandr@gmail.com.