Women hold up half the sky

This week I’m at the Micronutrient Forum’s meeting in  Mexico Positioning Women’s at the Centre of Sustainable Development. 

An array of rich information being presented. It is a multi-track style meeting which both gives lots of options but leaves one with difficult decisions about which session to attend or miss.

Two main takeaways from this meeting:

  • The keynote Gerda Verburg UN, SUN project did a great job at describing why the focus is on Women and why the absence of women-centred research in the realm of children’s nutrition has left a blind spot. She emphasized a saying the World Bank’s President Kim has grown fond of – if you measure it you can invest in it and most importantly government will invest in it.
  • Some interesting papers presented that I will track down and share on tortillas and beans interfering with iron absorption.

If there are two types of researchers, one who likes meetings and one who does not like meetings, I wouldn’t put myself in the former, but this meeting was well worth the five days away.