GMAP Alumni Weekend

Virtual GMAP Alumni Weekend 2022

Thank you to the 85+ GMAP alums, current students, speakers, and participants for joining us for the virtual GMAP Alumni Weekend 2022!

We hope you found the discussions enriching and insightful, and that you will take the conversations forward with people you connected with over the two days.

graphic of the globe with lines connecting cities

If you would like to submit your contact info to the GMAP Alumni Weekend Contact List, so that you can follow up with the students and other alums you met during the weekend, please fill out this short form here.

If you submit your info, but later decide that you’d prefer not to share it, please email

We will share this list on Monday, January 10.

Thank you.

Background on GMAP Alumni Weekends: In 2011, GMAP began hosting alumni weekends during the midyear international residencies to offer our alumni community the opportunity to experience again the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie of their GMAP year.  The weekend activities include special speaker events, workshops, and seminars that offer our alumni the opportunity to hear from leading experts and thought leaders on a range of critical topics, engage in meaningful discussions on current affairs, and update and deepen their knowledge of international affairs.  Furthermore, these events are also about renewing the bonds of friendship and community that characterize the GMAP experience, as well as making new connections to build one’s professional network and further their career.  Our alumni leave the weekend intellectually stimulated and engaged, with an expanded professional network as well as a deeper and broader knowledge of the trends shaping our world today.