13. Research Resources

The following works are key, recent secondary sources for the history and design of Government Center. Their notes and bibliographies contain references to significant sources of published material from the time.

David A. Crane, “The Federal Building in the Making of Boston’s Government Center: A Struggle for Sovereignty in Local Design Review,” in Federal Buildings in Context, ed. J. Carter Brown (National Gallery of Art, 1995)

Lawrence W. Kennedy, Planning the City Upon a Hill: Boston Since 1630 (University of Massachusetts Press, 1992)

Thomas H. O’Connor, Building a New Boston: Politics and Urban Renewal, 1950-1970 (Northeastern University Press, 1993)

Mark Pasnik et. al. Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston (Monacelli Press, 2015)

Timothy Rohan, The Architecture of Paul Rudolph (Yale University Press, 2014)

Brian Sirman, “Concrete Dreams: Architecture, Politics, and Boston’s New City Hall,” (Ph.D. dissertation, Boston University, 2014)

Primary source material can be found in the following Boston area collections.

Boston Public Library

The Bostonian Society

Boston Redevelopment Authority

For further readings consult the notes and bibliographies contained in each of the websites chapters.

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