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News & Views: Vaccination gaps helped fuel Disneyland measles spread
Posted on March 18, 2015 by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ID Lesson5-6, Infectious Disease | | Add comment |

DisneylandCredit: George Frey/Landov

The quick rise of measles infections in the wake of cases reported among Disneyland visitors underscores how even a small dip in vaccination rates can allow the virus to spread.

Read more at NPR.org.

News and Views: Legal Snarl For Vaccination Reform
Posted on November 14, 2013 by Jane Newbold | Categories: ID Lesson5-6, ID Unit5, Infectious Disease, News, Uncategorized | | Add comment |

Snapshot closeup of new CA vaccine exemption form with unexpected religious exemption box highlighted
Closeup of new California ‘Vaccine Exemption’ form with the religious exemption option highlighted.

NPR has the story of How A California Law To Encourage Vaccination Could Backfire. A new form intended to require all parents to talk through vaccination risks and benefits with a health care provider before exempting their children includes an unexpected exemption of its own – one that challenges the law itself.