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Teaching the Great Diseases: Online Graduate Education

The Great Diseases team is proud to offer online graduate mini-courses to help you learn the key scientific concepts needed to teach the Great Diseases curriculum in your classroom. Tufts online education offerings bring together authentic scientific reasoning, graduate-level content, and modern pedagogical strategies into a series of mini-courses, so you can learn exactly what you want to learn without spending time on content that you don’t need. It’s flexible, efficient and affordable!

We are currently enrolling for these Summer 2018 mini-courses:

BIOL ED 351: What is cancer and why should we care? 6/25/2018 – 8/03/2018 (0.5 credits) – Why should your students care about cancer? This course shows how we are all personally impacted by cancer. Throughout several lessons we will see how major questions in the cancer field have shifted over time, and how our current understanding impacts our ability to treat cancer successfully. We will begin to introduce the idea of DNA damage and see how substances that are potentially damaging can be tested. This course introduces important terms in cancer biology, medicine and epidemiology, including concepts of causation and correlation, risk and exposure.

BIOL ED 356: What does it mean to be a “normal” cell? 6/25/2018 – 8/10/2018 (1.0 credits) – In order to learn how cancer cells act abnormally, we must first learn how a normal cell functions. In this course, we will explore the organization of cells in tissues and organs, and how cells “talk” to one another and are a part of a community. Throughout its lifetime a normal cell divides, performs its functions, communicates with other cells, and dies. We will see how each of these steps is regulated.


Click here to learn more about the online Teaching the Great Diseases program, including course fees and how to register.