Selected publications from before 2010:

Astrocytic modulation of sleep homeostasis and cognitive consequences of sleep loss

Neuron | Vol 61 | January 2009
Halassa, MM; Florian, C; Fellin, T; Munoz, JR; Lee, SY; Abel, T; Haydon, PG; Frank, MG

Schematic representation of functional synaptic islands.

Synaptic Islands Defined by the Territory of a Single Astrocyte

Journal of Neuroscience | Vol 27 | June 2007
Halassa, M; Fellin. T; Takano, H; Dong, J; Haydon, PG

Astrocytic Purinergic Signaling Coordinates Synaptic Networks

Science | Vol 310 | October 2005
Pascual, O; Casper, K.B; Kubera, C; Zhang, J; Revilla-Sanchez, R; Sul, J; Takano, H; Moss, SJ; McCarthy, K; Haydon, PG

Neuronal Synchrony Mediated by Astrocytic Glutamate through Activation of Extrasynaptic NMDA Receptors

Neuron | Vol 43 | September 2004
Fellin, T; Pascual, O; Gobbo, S; Pozzan, T; Haydon, PG; Carmignoto, G

SNARE Protein-Dependent Glutamate Release from Astrocytes

Journal of Neuroscience | Vol 20 | January 2000
Araque, A; Li, N; Doyle, RT; Haydon, PG

Physiological astrocytic calcium levels stimulate glutamate release to modulate adjacent neurons

PNAS | Vol 97 | July 2000
Parpura, V; Haydon, PG

Tripartite Synapses: glia, the unacknowledged partner

Trends in Neurosciences | Vol 22 | May 1999
Araque, A; Parpura, V; Sanzigri, RP; Haydon PG

Glutamate-mediated astrocyte–neuron signalling

Nature | Vol 369 | June 1994
Parpura, V; Basarsky, TA; Liu, F; Jeftinija, K; Jeftinija, S; Haydon, PG