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Why the Certificate Program was Right for Me


Sandra Rosenbluth graduated from the Certificate in Digital Health Communication Program in Summer, 2015.

Why were you interested in Digital Health Communication?

In this day and age, you can’t really have a communications degree and not have some expertise in the digital sphere. It’s just too important a channel for such a large subset of the U.S. population, and you learn that being able to use these channels for personal use is not the same as using them in a professional capacity. The Digital health Communication program taught me that distinction and how to use technology and the internet to disseminate health information as effectively as possible.

What led you to the Tufts program?

I started the certificate program with Mobile Health Design when a classmate convinced me to register with her. Once the class started, I was hooked and it was a pretty easy decision for me to officially become a certificate student and finish the rest – I wanted to do it all, the complete package!

I was already a Tufts Student enrolled in the Friedman School Nutrition Communication program when I learned about Mobile Health Design. The program is excellent, but the Digital Health Communication classes rounded out my interests and gave me direction; I felt that it completed my skill set and made me stand out. I did as much as I could while enrolled at Friedman and easily finished the rest after graduation. I loved that the Tufts program also offered lots of opportunities to apply what you learn in real life settings- I had the opportunity to do this while working on the RecycleHealth campaign as a student. With another student, my final project was to help improve on the RecycleHealth brand and increase its digital reach and visibility by pinpointing the intended audiences, developing targeted messaging and content, identifying potential partners and modes of dissemination, and analyzing other successful strategies. This work actually led to my first job post-graduation.

How have you been able to use what you have learned in your career?

Probably the most useful skill set to date is how to approach social media.  Everything has to be thought through, with a strategy in place.  These tools have been really invaluable, and have helped me appropriately tackle a quickly-changing digital world.  Every post I make is made with intent.  Every social media platform is judged for strengths and weaknesses and whether it suits my purpose.  I think before the certificate program, it would have been easy to just jump on every social media site with enthusiasm but no plan, and find myself lost and overwhelmed.

What is something that you learned that you were not expecting when you enrolled in the program?

I would say I was not expecting the support I received from Lisa Gualtieri, who directs the program and also teaches several of the classes. I learned the value of having a professor show such interest and investment in what you do, academically, professionally, and personally.  There was really an appreciation for creativity in her classes, with an understanding that the more formal things can be learned.  I think that really provides the opportunity for growth, as opposed to the need to conform to a set structure or set of rules.

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