Medical Scientist Training Program

The combined MD/PhD program at Tufts University is designed for students whose career ambitions combine research and clinical practice. The MD/PhD experience combines exciting laboratory research with the School of Medicine’s rigorous medical curriculum. For more information about the program, see the website.

In addition to the MSTP-specific tour included here, students interested in the MD/PhD program are encouraged to visit the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences tour page for additional information.

The Michael Jaharis Jr. Anatomy Laboratory is a recently remodeled facility featuring state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and an adjacent Technology Enabled Active Learning Classroom. During their medical school years, MSTP students will get to know this space well!

The School of Medicine’s Clinical Skills and Simulation Center allows students to practice diagnoses and procedures on advanced computerized mannequins that display symptoms and distress the same way real patients do.

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library offers a vast array of clinical and computational resources. Whether you want to attend a workshop on statistical analysis, access a journal article with exciting new findings, or check out an anatomical model of a brain, the library – including school-specific liaisons for each of the Health Sciences schools – can help you out.

Basic science labs and core facilities are the heart of Tufts’ biomedical research. PhD research takes places in one of five programs: Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology; Genetics; Immunology; Molecular Microbiology; and Neuroscience. Core facilities provide tools for advanced scientific research, such as high-definition microscopy and behavioral assays.

Tufts’ Health Sciences Campus is located in the heart of Boston’s historical Chinatown neighborhood. The SoWa neighborhood, known for the SoWa open market, lies to the south, while a short walk north will get you to Boston Common.