Public Health and Professional Degree Programs

Tufts’ Public Health and Professional Degree Programs – part of the Tufts University School of Medicine – offers a wide variety of degrees. PHPD students are working toward Masters’ degrees in Public Health or Biomedical Sciences; training to become Physician Assistants or Doctors of Physical Therapy; or studying Public Health as part of a dual-degree program. To learn more, visit the PHPD website.

The Michael Jaharis Jr. Anatomy Laboratory is a recently remodeled facility featuring state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and an adjacent Technology Enabled Active Learning Classroom.

The Biomedical Research and Public Health building is a true hub for PHPD students. It houses the PHPD Student Services Office and the student lounge, classrooms and research labs, and both the Anatomy Lab and Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, both very important for Physician Assistant and Doctor of Physical Therapy students!

The School of Medicine’s Clinical Skills and Simulation Center allows students to practice diagnoses and procedures on advanced computerized mannequins that display symptoms and distress the same way real patients do.

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library is home to far more than just books and journals, although it does have plenty of those. Students can attend computational workshops; work on sophisticated software in the computer labs; get a drink and a snack from the Food4Thought Cafe; and check out anatomical models. The Library also holds fun holiday-themed and stress-relieving events, from Halloween pumpkin making to therapy dogs during exam times.

The Hirsh Health Sciences Library offers a vast array of clinical and computational resources. Whether you want to attend a workshop on statistical analysis, access a journal article with exciting new findings, or check out an anatomical model of a brain, the library – including school-specific liaisons for each of the Health Sciences schools – can help you out.

Jaharis Cafe and Courtyard is a great place to take a break from class or lab work, grab a snack, and (weather permitting) enjoy the outdoors. The space is also host to student-run events, graduation receptions, alumni reunions, and other programming. The cafe is home to composting facilities, and the future site of healthy, sustainable cuisine by Tufts Food Lab. And since Jaharis is connected to M&V by closed bridges, you won’t have to brave the Boston winter to grab a cup of coffee.

Most students on the Health Sciences Campus spend time in the Medical Education Building. The Medical School Dean’s Office is located on the 8th floor, along with classrooms and quiet study space. The Hirsh Health Sciences Library takes up the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th floors – the 4th floor is also home to the School of Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs – while the ground floor is busy with events in DeBlois Auditorium and MedEd 114. There’s even a gym in the basement!

The PHPD Student Lounge, located on the first floor of M&V, is a place for relaxation, socializing, and studying. It’s open to students in all PHPD programs, and houses a kitchen and a computer lab. Whether you want to attend a Student Senate meeting, heat up some leftovers for lunch, or print an assignment, you can do it in the student lounge.

The PHPD Student Services team is committed to helping everyone pursuing a degree in any PHPD program. From before you apply to after you graduate, the Student Services office is there to help with registration, assist with career development, and troubleshoot any issues.

Tufts’ Health Sciences Campus is located in the heart of Boston’s historical Chinatown neighborhood. The SoWa neighborhood, known for the SoWa open market, lies to the south, while a short walk north will get you to Boston Common.