This is a book best read in the dark.


Whether curled up at night or on a rainy summer day with a warm drink, this book is not your go-to beach book, nor your typical “who dunnit?” crime novel. The overall plot is standard: girl meets boy, they fall in love, get married, hard times fall on them, woman goes missing and the world points their fingers at the husband. However, within a few chapters – and as you learn more about them – you realize that though Nick and Amy Dunne appear typical, the combination of their individual characteristics leads to a volatile and fragile relationship.


I have heard many people discuss this book over the past two years, and their overwhelming cries of frustration about the end of the book. Many also complain that Nick and Amy aren’t very likable and somewhat “twisted.” I personally think this might be the discomfort of realizing these characters’ shortcomings are flaws that many of us possess ourselves. We get uncomfortable seeing a scenario where the vindictive and self-righteous “what ifs…” thoughts we sporadically indulge in came to fruition. On the surface, it’s an easy-to-read fun thriller, but underneath, could it be a cautionary tale against acting rashly on desires we have to teach each other lessons when in a relationship? Or is it a story promoting doing just that? Is it both? I suggest reading it for yourself to decide.


This book is on order for the leisure reading collection!

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