This Fall, we will be featuring a series of posts spotlighting different citation management tools. What is a citation management tool? Citation management tools are programs that enable you to keep track of your research, manage citations, generate bibliographies in various citation styles (e.g., APA, JAMA, Chicago), and organize PDFs. These tools work directly with word processing programs such as Word and Google Docs. They may also allow you to directly download and edit article PDFs, and insert figures with captions into manuscripts. Popular citation management tools includes EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

Our second post in this series will focus on the marvelous and free citation tool, Mendeley!  As with other citation tools, Mendeley allows you to collect and organize references, generate bibliographies and insert citations into a manuscript.

Additionally, Mendeley allows you to:

  • Install a One-click Web Importer to import references from research databases and websites directly from your web browser of choice
  • Create Watch Folders to automatically add PDFs to Mendeley Desktop
  • Collaborate using Groups with other researchers by creating a Mendeley account on
  • Store up to 2GB free of PDFs attached to references (Private Group storage space: 100MB)
  • Annotate and highlight PDFs
  • Organizes PDF files through tagging


Mendeley is freely available to all; you do not need a Tufts University UTLN and password or library login to download Mendeley!

Want to learn more about Mendeley and how to get started?

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