Getting ready for the National Board Dental Exam (NBDE) or the Integrated National Board Dental Exam (INBDE)? We have supplementary study aids available for you to use for free, whether you are able to come to the library in person or not.

Electronic Resources

For those studying remotely, check out Board Vitals. It features question banks for both the NBDE and INBDE that you can use to mimic taking an exam online, and it gives you reports on your performance, including things like the average amount of time spent per question. You also can look at the Board Guide provided by the ADA for each exam. We also have the book First Aid for the NBDE Part 1 available electronically.

Hard Copies

For those with the ability to come to the library physically, we have more supplementary study aids. Please be aware that these remaining resources were created for the NBDE. Some of our study aid books include Kaplan DentEssentials, Dentin, and Mosby’s. See the full list and details on how to find and check them out for Part 1 and Part 2 by following their respective links.

We also have the Dental Decks flashcards for NBDE Part 1 and Part 2. These cannot be checked out and must be used within the library. See full details.


We hope you will find these supplementary study aids useful! We have oriented your SLAC representatives to these aids, so you may reach out to them for more details. We are also always happy to hear suggestions or requests from you. Please feel free to reach out to the library’s Dental liaison, Amanda Nevius, with any questions or suggestions.


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