This semester, the library service desk will not be open for course reserve and technology check-out. But even if your professors have required textbooks, you may not have to buy them. We’ve been hard at work finding electronic copies or occasionally scanning chapters of textbooks for your hybrid or remote courses this semester.

Where your textbooks are:

  • Under the Reading List tab in your Canvas course
  • In a module or under the Files tab in your Canvas course

If you can’t find them there, you can always look for the book on JumboSearch. Type the title of the book in quotations, or the course code for your course.

You may also be added to Box folders with scanned chapters of your course’s required textbooks. In that case, you should receive a request to be a previewer.

Please reach out to if you cannot find a copy of a required book for your course, if you have trouble accessing it, or if you have any other concerns throughout this process.



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