This Sunday is Pi Day!

Every March 14, mathematicians and pie aficionados alike celebrate the rich history of π by making and eating different types of pie. But we don’t need to be mathematicians or pie aficionados to celebrate!

In the United States, since our dates read month/day/year, March 14 reflects the first few digits of pie. But since π is also related to calculating dimensions of circles, the parallel between dessert pie and the mathematical constant inspires people to make their desserts in honor of the holiday.

So, here’s a quick tip if you’re making a pie this weekend: use refrigerated, unsalted butter. Rather than letting it thaw, cut up your cold butter into tiny cubes. This makes the pie crust easier to mix, and eventually, flakier after baking.

Enjoy your weekend!

Pie with sparklers lit on top

Photo by Lucy Heath on Unsplash




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