In the city of the Hirsh Library, a new crime is emerging. And it can only be the work of one criminal…

The IDdler!!

His true identity is unknown. All we know about him is he has been using other people’s ID cards to check out items from the 4th Floor Circulation Desk. Chargers, skulls, even textbooks. But what he and the citizens of Hirsh don’t know is that using someone else’s Tufts University ID is a serious crime.

In fact, it’s against the Tufts University Code of Conduct. According to the website, getting caught can result in disciplinary action. 

This may mean that people caught using one another’s IDs can face their dean or an ethics board. If you don’t have your ID, we may be able to check out items to you another way. But we cannot condone the IDdler’s methods of amoral behavior and academic dishonesty.

The good news is that if you have lost your ID, getting a new one is easy. Here is more info about how to replace your ID.



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