Photo of panels with art

We are pleased to share that an art exhibit will be on display throughout the month of May down on the 4th floor. The exhibit, I Am More, is the work of artist Amy Kerr and is being hosted by the Office of Student Wellness in concert with Mental Health Awareness Month. There will be an opening reception down by the exhibit on 5/11 at 2:30pm.

Here’s some information from Student Wellness about the exhibit:

“The exhibit features pastel and colored pencil portraits by artist Amy Kerr, accompanied by essays written by subjects describing how they are more than their life challenges. The portraits address mental illness and addiction recovery, coping with medical diagnoses, and surviving trauma. Despite the challenging topics, the message is one of hope and resilience, and sometimes even humor and joy. The exhibit includes mental health resources and emergency number cards.Since 2018, I Am More has traveled to universities, shopping malls, hospitals, libraries, and government buildings around the northeast, including the Massachusetts State House, as a reminder that despite our challenges we all have gifts, loves, and triumphs to celebrate.”

We hope you will come take a moment to check it out!


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