You’ve got first year down, M26s, and it’s just about that time to settle into a study strategy for Step 1. We’ve got review books, of course—just library things—but you can also access question banks and practice exams through the library!

MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1 is a platform with thousands of practice questions and explanations that creates a personalized learning path based on how well you know the material.


Landing Page for Adaptive Learner: Step 1

MedOne Adaptive Learner: Step 1 landing page. Thieme.

Board Vitals is another practice question platform where you can make custom quizzes.

To get started with both of those resources, you’ll need to create a free account—different from your Tufts account. Just make sure you’re on campus when you sign in the first time so you’re recognized as a Tufts user! This video demonstrates how to set up an account the first time you sign into MedOne.

Both MedOne and Board Vitals are compatible on mobile as well!

For a more complete list of board review resources, see our research guide Board Prep for Medicine Step 1 Comprehensive Review, and don’t hesitate to ask us at the Desk if you’re looking for something in particular.

Happy studying—you’ve got this!


Post contributed by Christina Heinrich


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