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Effective today, (February 15, 2023) items that are returned more than 30 minutes after their due time will be considered overdue and you will receive a block. If you are having an issue with returning an item on time, please contact the Library Service Desk as soon as possible and we can do our best to accommodate. We can be reached at, 617-636-6705 (phone), or 617-477-8439 (text). Please visit our Policy for Overdue Items page for more information about this policy.


Hi all,

Thank you for your time and help in collecting data for the affiliation survey, we truly appreciate it! This survey is what helps us get funding to make the library as helpful as possible to you lovely patron. Onto the statistics!


The 7th floor is our most popular floor with more than twice the number of visitors that our other floors. This data is consistent with the traffic on each floor from October 2021 and March 2022.


Weekday and Time



Monday and Tuesday are our busiest days of the week, which is different from previous surveys where Monday and Thursday were the most popular weekdays. In comparison to previous surveys, Sunday and Monday are more popular than in March 2022 and October 2021. Thursday is a much less popular day than from previous surveys. Some of the evening data for Thursday was lost, so this may also influence the low numbers.


Time of Day

Traffic by time of day has not significantly changed. 3 pm has remained the busiest time of day at the library since October 2021 followed by 11 am.



As with previous years, the dental program is the largest user of the library followed by the medical program. While MBS program usage grew in October 2021 and March 2022, it dropped by more than half this most recent survey. It is unclear why this happened!


In conclusion, the library has bounced back from early COVID-19 numbers! Thanks so much for your patronage. We are happy to be helping you in your academic journey.


Jaida Pinkett Smith sitting across from the library block at a table. The block has an angry face.

Avoid getting in an “entanglement” with the Block this Academic Year. Blocks stay on your account until the end of the year, July 1st. If you are running late to return an item, give us a call (617-636-6705) or email ( to avoid getting streamed on Facebook Live. 
As a reminder here are the block levels: 

  • 1st Offense – Suspension of all borrowing privileges, to be lifted 24 hours after item is returned  
  • 2nd Offense – Suspension of all borrowing privileges to be lifted one week (7 days) after return  
  • 3rd Offense – Suspension of all borrowing privileges to be lifted one month after return and notification to the dean  
  • 4th Offense – Suspension of all borrowing privileges for the remainder of the current semester and notification to the dean  


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