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‘tis I, the Prince of Procrastination, the Lord of Laziness, the Dragon of Draggin’, COUNT BLOCKULA



When the moon is high and the spirit is weak, I emerge to feed on the living…no, not on blood (gross)… But on the ineffable power generated by your LATE RETURNS.



When you fall under my spell, powerless to resist and unable to return your Reserve items, Electronics, and Peripherals to the Library Service Desk on time, I grow stronger with each ensuing infraction.


ONE BLOCK – a light snack for me, you cannot check out materials for 24 hours

TWO BLOCKS – heartier fare indeed, succumb to me twice and you cannot borrow for one week

THREE BLOCKS – a delicious meal, leaving me full and you unable to check out materials for one full month! Plus a letter to your Dean about your naughty ways

FOUR BLOCKS – the full buffet! I am sated, and you are without laptops and phone chargers until the end of the semester


(thunder clap!)


If you are wise, you will resist me and return your reserve materials on time, mortals. Otherwise beware the wrath of COUNT BLOCKULA!


(The Hirsh Health Sciences Library overdue item policy can be found in its entirety here:


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It’s only mid-September but the semester is already in full swing. Join us at the Library Service Desk this Thurs 9/12 and Fri 9/13, starting at 12pm, for our first FunLab of the year and make a custom cozy to adorn your favorite seasonally-spiced drink. We’ll have all the supplies you need to protect your hand from hot beverages in style!

But that’s not all! Stop by the Library Service Desk TODAY at 3pm for a teatime study break. We’ll have tea, treats, and the schedule for all of this fall’s FunLabs. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Tufts – and welcome to the Hirsh Health Sciences Library! We are so glad you’re here!

During orientation you will learn more about using the Hirsh Library and how we can support you during your time at the Sackler School. We also wanted to share some tips to get you started:

We wish you a most fabulous Fall semester and hope that you will explore the wealth of resources available to you at Hirsh. Welcome!



Black Birds Desktop White by JohnED76 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Welcome Public Health! We’re so happy to see you!

During orientation we will take you around to various sections of the library so you can get to know us. Can’t remember what we told you or have a question about something we didn’t cover? You can always Ask Us by email, chat, phone, or text, or just stop by the Library Service Desk–there is always someone to talk to. If you need research assistance, you can get help from the librarian on call or make an appointment with your liaison, Amy Lapidow.

Don’t know where to start? We have many Research Guides on all kinds of topics. Explore!

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Welcome MBSers! So happy to see you!

Can’t remember anything from orientation?! Don’t worry, you can always Ask Us by email, chat, phone, or text, or just stop by the Library Service Desk–there is always someone to talk to. If you need research assistance, you can get help from the librarian on call or make an appointment with your liaison, Amy Lapidow.

Don’t know where to start? We have many Research Guides on all kinds of topics. Explore! Especially the one about studying. We know you do a lot of that.

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So you’d rather be hitting the beach…but you’re here hitting the books instead, and you’re looking for a place to study. We have a variety of great individual spaces here at Hirsh, from standing desks to study pods, but where do you go if you need to do work with a group?

We have two types of rooms that are ideal for group work—collaboration rooms and study rooms, which you can find on the 5th and 7th floors, respectively. We know that there is sometimes a bit of confusion about how they differ, so we’re hoping this post helps clear it up!

Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration rooms are on the 5th floor. They all have whiteboards and screens that you can connect your computers to, their name reflects the fact that they have handy tools you might need to use collaborate with your classmates on a project or a presentation. However, the major thing that sets these rooms apart is that they are reservable. You can find the room use policies, the booking forms, and the schedule on our Collaboration Room website, but we’ll share the basics here.

Groups of 2 or more can reserve them for up to 4 hours a day, and up to 3 times a week. With these limits, we’re striving to hit a good balance between giving each group enough time, but making sure as many different groups as possible can use them. Reservations must be made by 11:59pm the night before so that we can post each room’s schedule outside the door first thing in the morning. If there isn’t a reservation in a room, you can feel free to use it on a first-come, first-served basis just like our study rooms.

So what is a study room? It’s also a small room where you can get work done with others, so what’s the difference?

Study Rooms

You can find our study rooms on the 7th floor (and there’s one on the 6th floor). They always operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You’re welcome to use the rooms if you’re studying alone, but we give priority to groups of 3 or more, so there is a chance that a larger group could ask to use the room. Also, please be mindful of your volume when using these rooms. The 7th floor is a quiet floor, and while the rooms isolate noise somewhat, they are not totally soundproof.


One final note–be sure you’re making good use of the rooms! Any room left unoccupied for more than 15 minutes becomes available for others to use, regardless of whether it’s reserved or if your personal belongings are left in there.

If you have trouble remembering what type of room you want, or you’re looking for another kind of space, visit our handy Room Reservation Wizard. Just put in some info about what you’re looking for and it will show you the spaces that best fit your needs.

Happy Studying!

So, you’re staff at Tufts and you’ve made some pretty useful stuff during your time here.  Let’s say someone at another organization asks to reuse a flyer you designed, a figure you generated, pieces of a report you wrote or something else you created as part of your job here at Tufts.

Can you share your work?  What’s the best way to do it?

Maybe you haven’t memorized the university’s Intellectual Property Policy, but it’s worth a look.  Among other things, it says Tufts University owns the copyright on work staff produce as part of their duties (a.k.a, “work for hire”).  Tech Transfer and University Counsel have created a protocol for sharing these works.  It starts by you completing the Creative Commons Submission Form.

What is Creative Commons (CC)?

Creative Commons provides somewhat straightforward copyright license language protecting the rights holder while encouraging certain uses of the material by others.  For example, some CC licenses prohibit commercial use of the work and some require that any other works produced using the original material carry the same CC license as the original.  The concept is summed up on the submission form as, “By applying a CC license to a given work, authors can easily promote redistribution of their work with minimal paperwork, and without sacrificing control over certain important types of use.”

How does the process work?

After approval by Tech transfer and Legal Counsel, you’ll add notice of the license to your work and can share with others within the parameters of the license.  The university can also make individual decisions to allow certain other uses of the material on a case by case basis.

For a great example of the Creative Common license in action, check out the Evidence Pyramid crafted by our librarian, Amanda Nevius.  When Amanda was updating the content presented to our dental students on Evidence-Based Dentistry, she wanted to create an updated Evidence Pyramid with a focus on clarity and accessibility, using both color-blind friendly design and dyslexia-friendly font. With input from other librarians and design help from Katherine Morley, she did so. Anticipating that this visually appealing pyramid may be something others would want to use, she pursued the Creative Common license and applied it. Already, a clinical faculty member from Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health has let her know she is grateful for the CC license and is intending to use the pyramid.

Any questions about this process?

Contact the Tufts Scholarly Communication Team or University Counsel.

Post contributed by Judy Rabinowitz


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“Library in the Medical and Dental School Building”, 1907. From the Tufts Digital Library:

A big welcome to the TUSM class of 2023 from all of us here at Hirsh Library! We can’t wait to meet you at library orientation today, July 30th, where you’ll get the chance to learn more about the library and all the resources that are available to you. (We’ve had a few renovations since the photo above was taken in 1907). We’re also looking forward to seeing you at PBL Library Skills Workshops in August!

Your pre-clinical liaison librarian is Christina Heinrich, so don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions or need any library help! You can also stop by the Library Service Desk at Sackler 4 to talk to the librarian on call, or Ask Us by email, chat, phone, or text–we’re always happy to help!

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We want to extend a warm welcome to the new UG students starting today and a belated but no less enthusiastic welcome to our new PG students! The library has quiet places for studying (and naps), collaboration space, and you are welcome to eat and drink while you are here (we even have microwaves you can use).

  • Have a question? Drop by the Service Desk on the 4th floor and chat to the librarian on call.
  • Want more extended one-on-one help? Schedule an appointment with the dental librarian, Amanda Nevius.
  • Speaking of Amanda, be sure to bookmark the Dental Resources she’s put together for TUSDM. It includes goodies like information on Board and Licensure Exam study resources, how to find Materials Research, and tips on conducting excellent EBD searches.
  • Forget your charger and your phone’s about to die? Check one out at the Service Desk. For that matter, check out a laptop, a VGI cable, model teeth, real skulls, and more!

We wish you nothing but success here at Tufts and everyone at the library looks forward to getting to know you better!


Post contributed by Amanda Nevius


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Working on a cover letter? Stumped about starting your personal statement? Finishing up your thesis? Never fear, Health Sciences Writing Consultants is here! We interrupt our usual summer hiatus to bring you three special Thursdays where our consultant will be available to advise you on your writing projects.

On 7/18, 7/25, and 8/1, there will be four appointments available between 11am and 2pm. For more information or to register for an appointment please visit the Health Sciences Writing Consultants LibGuide.

Regular sessions will resume in August–stay tuned!

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