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It’s a new academic year here at Tufts’ Health Sciences Campus and the HHSL is piloting a new service model. You may have noticed that early in the mornings or late in the afternoons we only have one person on the service desk. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a lack of familiar librarian faces on the 4th floor.

Never fear! The HHSL librarians are alive and well and ready to serve you still!

This year we are piloting a service model where the librarians are largely “on call” – much like our resident and doctor patrons. If you need help from a librarian, please come to the 4th floor desk and the librarian on call will be happy to assist you. (It is not an inconvenience when a patron asks for help – it’s our job and we love to do it!)

You can also email, call, or chat with a librarian if you can’t come see us in the library.



Have a question about the Boston campus or library? Try searching our new collection of frequently asked questions!


Browse by topic to see all questions and answers related to that category, or type a question in the box. The system will automatically try to map you to a Q&A pair if it has already been asked and answered.


If your question does not already exist, you will be presented with a submission form. A librarian will receive your question via email and answer as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that it is not an immediate response.

You can always chat, call or visit us at the library if you require immediate assistance.
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