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PLEASE be mindful to not leave library books in study rooms, study carrels, and on tables/chairs. We ask that you place them on one of the many book-trucks at the end of the aisles. And no matter how tempted you are to re-shelve a book after you are done using it, putting it on the nearest book-truck for one of our stack assistants to re-shelve will ensure that they are correctly re-shelved by their call-numbers for future use. THANK YOU!

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PLEASE, please do not re-shelve books or leave books where they do not belong. After using an item, they should always go on the many book-trucks provided down the aisles in the stacks.

We do everything we can to ensure that the resources you need are accessible. But if you’ve ever gone looking for a book that says it’s available in the catalog, and found that it’s not on the shelf, it can be quite frustrating. The book may be in someone’s possession here in the library; however, we have found that more often than not, it is misplaced, left in a study room, or even left on tables and chairs. Think of your fellow student who may be in need of that item. Please place all books on the book trucks to be re-shelved, or if you are on the 4th floor you may drop them at the circulation desk. THANK YOU!

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